Top 6 premium hatchbacks with the most rear legroom!

Premium hatchbacks have become quite popular in the Indian car market. This can be attributed to their compact dimensions viz-a-viz equally priced sedans and the comfort and features that they offer.

Here we list the top 6 premium hatchbacks in terms of rear seat legroom.

Tata Vista

Rear legroom: 72/92 cms

Price: Rs. 4.10 lakh to Rs. 6.43 lakh

Fuel type: Petrol & Diesel

tata vista front
Photo: The Tata Vista looks much more refined and attractive than the original Indica

The Tata Vista is a good all round package and has the most rear seat legroom and that too by a huge margin. The Vista is comfortable and body roll is controlled. Also read: Most fuel-efficient diesel small cars in India!

It has 1248 cc engine that makes 74 bhp of power and 190 Nm torque. The Vista also sports two petrol engines: A 1,172 cc motor that makes 64 bhp of power and 96 Nm torque and a 1,368 cc motor that makes 89 bhp of power and 116 Nm of torque.

Honda Jazz

Rear legroom:  67/91 cms

Price: Rs.5.85 lakh to Rs.6.41 lakh

Fuel type: Petrol Only

Photo: The Honda Jazz is a spacious and practical premium hatchback

The Honda Jazz has a very attractive and edgy design. It has amazing all round visibility with a large glass area and a good driving position, which makes driving it very easy. It is powered by a 1,198 cc engine that makes 89 bhp of power and 110 Nm of torque.

Toyota Etios Liva

Rear legroom: 67/90 cms

Price: Rs.4.10 lakh to Rs. 6.15 lakh

Fuel type: Petrol & diesel

Photo: The Toyota Etios Liva is offers ample space and comfort at an affordable price

The Liva looks bare basic in comparison to other premium hatchbacks but it offers one of the most spacious rear seats with good leg and headroom. The seats look thin and seem like they lack cushioning but the actual ride comfort is quite good. Also read: Top 5 hatchbacks in India for tall people!

The Petrol Liva is powered by a 1,197 cc motor that makes 79 bhp of power and 104 Nm. The diesel Liva is powered by a 1,364 cc engine that makes 67 bhp of power and 170 nm of torque.

Aveo U-Va

Rear legroom: 65.5/87.5 cms

Price: Rs.4.20 lakh to Rs.4.97 lakh

Fuel type: Petrol Only

chevrolet aveo u va
Photo: Chevrolet always claimed that space was the U-Va's USP

The Aveo U-Va is one of those cars which we often forget to talk about but when it comes to rear seat legroom the U-Va comes in at number 4 above more popular premium hatchbacks like the Swift and Figo. The Aveo is equipped with a 1,150 cc motor that makes 76 bhp of power and 110 Nm of torque.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Rear legroom: 64/88 cms

Price: Rs. 4.44 lakh to Rs.6.76 lakh

Fuel type: Petrol & Diesel

Photo: The Swift is the most popular premium small car and offers decent legroom as well

The Swift offers decent rear seat legroom along with one of the most involving drives. It is the most popular premium hatchback in India thanks to Maruti’s wide service network and he kit it offers.

The petrol Swift is powered by a 1,197 cc engine that makes 86 bhp of power and 114 Nm of torque. The diesel Swift on the other hand sports a 1,248 cc motor that makes 74 bhp o power and 190 Nm of torque.

Ford Figo

Rear legroom: 64.5/84 cms

Price: Rs. 4.19 lakh to Rs.5.94 lakh

Fuel type: Petrol & Diesel

ford figo
Photo: The Ford Figo offers a good blend of practicality, space and affordability

The Ford Figo is a good looking hatchback with a good amount of space inside the cabin. Ford has managed to carve out ample space without hindering other dynamics. The Figo is a fun to drive car though overall ride comfort isn’t the best of the lot.

The Figo petrol gets a 1,196 cc motor that makes 70 bhp of power and 102 Nm of torque. The diesel Figo gets a 1,399 cc motor that churns out 68 bhp of power and 160 Nm of torque.