Top comments of the week: The Fluidic Verna

For potential buyers amongst us, we selected the best feedback last week about the “fluidic” Verna  from the CarToq community. This should help you evaluate the car better.

A slew of driver-friendly features has made Hyundai’s Fluidic Verna a rave-worthy vehicle. In our story about Verna’s gadgets and features, we chose seven top takes — the push start, coupled with the smart key to activate it; the cut-above audio system;  the Aux-In/USB which makes the car gadget-friendly; the elegant and effective climate controls; the park-assist, which makes  reversing in tight spots a breeze; the gear-shift indicator that gives driver the freedom to squeeze the most out of each shift; and the steering mounted controls, which means you never need to take your hands off of the wheel.

Top comments of the week: The Fluidic Verna

But, as CarToq member Anupam Das pointed out, “the most desirable sedan” packs a lot more. The new auto transmission was a feature worth drooling over, Das said, while being impressed with its “awesome mileage and incredible looks”.

For Jeffery John, the highlight was Verna’s ground clearance even when fully loaded, and, of course, its mileage.

Sushant Chandgude voted the diesel version the best in its class (CRDi with VGT technology) and Harish Reddy called it the car with the “bang for buck”. Sumit Walekar seconded our pick of features while commenting on the car’s “good handling”.

The contra view came from Rakesh Nahak, who was didn’t like the Fluidic’s engine performance when compared to Honda City. But the stud from the “other side” was Ankit Dehar who, quite literally, used his friend’s Fluidic as his punching bag, leaving the car’s fender, and perhaps pride, dented. A man who likes to “hold his car for more than five years”, Ankit’s “unconventional test for safety and left him “disappointed by the car’s build quality.”

Top comments of the week: The Fluidic Verna

Anupam Das: Parking camera and sensors, six airbags for additional safety, 16-inch alloy wheel, clean air cluster ionizer, power folding rear view mirrors with turn indicators, fully automatic air conditioner, and large boot space are some specifications which have made Fluidic Verna undisputed in popularity. Engine-wise it’s a boon — providing two variants in diesel and petrol. The introduction of the auto transmission is another added feature which makes it stand apart. Plus the awesome mileage of 18kmpl and 17kmpl for the diesel and petrol versions. The Fluidic Verna has incredible looks that demand a second look. All this make it the most popular and the most desirable sedan at present!!

Sushant Chandgude: Fluidic Verna is the best in its class — CRDi with VGT Technology; and the diesel option.

Jeffery John: Ground clearance matters a lot, when loaded. Verna has it. Honda is the best in design in terms of perfection, as Verna has some gaps at the joints. Performance-wise Honda but mileage-wise Verna.

Ankit Dehar: With no offence to any car here, I wonder about the pricing of the new Hyundai Verna, which is  packed with plenty of features which no other car under 11 lakh offers. But have you guys ever wondered how could this could eb possible when everything is so expensive. I found the car’s build is a drawback. I did a little crazy test on my friend’s new Verna and the Vento. I punched both the cars on the left fender and side of the trunk. Shockingly the new Verna behaved like a kid and Vento like a big body builder. Personally I am big fan of the new Verna and its features but it disappoints me when i think of the car’s build quality, especially for ones like me holding a car for more then five year with no problems.