Tork’s CEO releases first teaser of T6X electric motorcycle

In the past few months, we have seen quite a few new electric vehicles that will soon be launched in the Indian market. Here, is Tork Motors who are working on a new T6X electric motorcycle. Tork’s CEO, Kapil Shelke has shared a new teaser video of the T6X on his Instagram.


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The video does not really show much except the LED Daytime Running Lamps and the headlight of the electric motorcycle. Kapil also wrote in the post that the motorcycle is built from the ground up and is ready to be shipped from their new factory. The motorcycle now gets a redesigned LED headlamp, tail light, new switchgear a larger battery pack and more power and torque.

Tork Motorcycles first announced the motorcycle back in 2017 but then there were no updates regarding the progress of the motorcycle. So, the Chennai-based manufacturer is working on the motorcycle for quite some time. There were some spy shots of the motorcycle in 2019 and it was expected that the T6X will launch by the end of 2019.

Tork’s CEO releases first teaser of T6X electric motorcycle

However, that did not happen and then coronavirus outbreak happened and the country was under lockdown. So, everything was postponed. Tork Motorcycles was not the only manufacturer that was affected by this. Finally, now a new teaser was released, meaning that the manufacturer has made some progress and preparing for the next stage.

When the motorcycle was first revealed, Tork said that the motorcycle is able to cruise at 100 kmph and has a riding range of 100 kmph. It was using a 6kW brushless DC motor that was capable of producing 27 Nm of peak torque. The battery pack was a 72 Ah Lithium-ion unit that can withstand 1,000 cycles and can charge upto 80 percent in just an hour.

Tork’s CEO releases first teaser of T6X electric motorcycle

The weight of the motorcycle was around 130 kg. Kapil also revealed that the motorcycle will be using an axial flux motor that will be 96 percent efficient. When we saw the motorcycle last time, it was using a trellis frame. It has been developed in-house by Tork and it uses the battery pack as a stressed member.

Tork has designed the motorcycle to have a low centre of gravity so the components have been placed in a way that they do not make the motorcycle top-heavy. Then there is a sub-frame that is attached to the mainframe. It is placed under the seat, it is a similar setup that we have seen on KTM motorcycles.

This means that in case of an accident if the mainframe is undamaged, then only the subframe can be replaced. This also helps in saving some costs as the owner would not have to replace the whole chassis. With the instant torque delivery from the battery, low weight and low centre of gravity we can expect the motorcycle to have quite good riding dynamics.

Tork T6X’s main rival will be the Revolt RV400 that has quite recently gained a lot of popularity in the Indian market. It will go against Joy e-Monster and Hop Electric Motorcycle.

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