Tourist in Goa sits on top of moving Mahindra Thar & steers using feet [Video]

We have often come across reports of tourists visiting getting into trouble with their vehicles. In most of the cases, these tourists have driven their vehicles on restricted beaches. They often get their vehicle stuck in the beach after doing stunts. Authorities have been taking action against violators and we have reported many of these incidents on our website too. Here we have another video where tourists are seen sitting on top of a moving Mahindra Thar. The driver is also steering the vehicle using his feet instead of hand. The video has surfaced on various social media platforms and has gone viral.

The video seen here was shared by In Goa 24×7 on their YouTube channel. In this video, a curret generation Mahindra Thar with convertible soft top can be seen on the roads of Goa. There are two people in the car and none of them is behind the steering wheels. It looks like, they were playing loud music in the vehicle and were dancing to the beat while sitting on top of the car. One of them was sitting with his legs on the bonnet and the other was sitting on the roof after covering the hard cover. The person sitting on the roof is actually steering the vehicle with his feet. 

It looks like the Mahindra Thar in the video is the automatic variant. It seems like a new vehicle as it there is no proper number plate on the SUV. According to various reports from local media, the incident happened last weekend in Arpora near Anjuna. This is not the first time, we have seen people doing stunts on bikes and cars. After the video of the stunt went viral on the internet, there have been several comments criticizing the irresponsible act of the tourists. Rent a car business is quite popular in Goa and most of the time, people rent such vehicles and do such stunts which they won’t otherwise be doing with their own vehicle.

Tourist in Goa sits on top of moving Mahindra Thar & steers using feet [Video]

Public has also been asking local police to take action against the violators. Jivba Dalvi, Mapusa SDPO said, “The vehicle is not traced yet because the vehicle number cannot be identified. We are still in the process of identifying it. We have checked the footage of one surveillance camera and other CCTV cameras along the road are being examined. The moment we get something, we will take action.”

Luckily, there are no other vehicles on the road when the tourists were doing this stunt. There are several things that could have gone wrong while doing this stunt. Especially, when you consider the fact that driver was actually using his feet to control the steering wheel. The possiblity of driver’s feet slipping from the steering wheel and falling down are high. Similarly, if another vehicle comes in front of the Thar, the driver might not be able give way or stop as his feet are not on the brakes. Although, they are travelling at a very low speed, this dangerous and is totally illegal.