Tourist in Toyota Fortuner drives onto Goa beach: Locals catch him and handover to police [Video]

Driving on the beaches in Goa has become a menace for local people. Every now and then cars and SUVs get stuck. Even though the Goan government has banned any kind of automotive activities on the beaches, the tourists just do not stop and keep on coming back to get stuck. Here is one such incident where a tourist from Telangana got stuck on a beach in Goa. The locals caught him and called the cops. Here is what happened.

According to the video, a Telangana-registered Toyota Fortuner with an MLA sticker entered Bogmalo beach in Goa. He got stuck on the beach. While he was trying to rescue the vehicle, locals came and stopped him and started making his video. The video shows the tourist stuck on the beach and stones under the rear wheels of the Toyota Fortuner.

The locals claim that the person has been driving the SUV on the beach full of tourists. And they want police action against the person. As taking vehicles to the beaches is illegal in Goa, the locals were putting up questions like who will be responsible if something happens to the tourists.

They stopped the tourist from getting away and called the local police too. While the police action is not in the video, in many such cases that have happened in the past, the cops have arrested the owner of the vehicle.

It looks like a 4X2 Toyota Fortuner, which is why it got stuck. Even 4X4 vehicles get stuck on the beach and since it is illegal, no vehicle should be on the beach.

Don’t take your vehicle to the beach

Tourist in Toyota Fortuner drives onto Goa beach: Locals catch him and handover to police [Video]

The Goa government has banned any private vehicle from entering the beaches. The step came a few years ago after a number of tourists entered the beaches with private vehicles and got stuck. Other vehicles and resources had to be called to recover these vehicles. To ensure that these private vehicles do not put an unnecessary load on the resources, the government has banned the entry of vehicles to the beaches.

There have been instances where the vehicles of ministers have gotten stuck on the beaches. It takes a massive effort to recover such vehicles from the beaches as the rescue vehicle also faces challenges in the sand.

But what if you really want to take your vehicle to the beaches? Well, there are a few beaches in India that allow private vehicles to enter legally. There is a beach in Kerala, which allows vehicles to enter after an entry fee. Most of the beaches have soft sand that causes vehicles to get stuck. However, Muzapillangad Beach in Kerala has hard sand that ensures that the cars do not get stuck.

Tourists arrested

Earlier this year, Goa Police made an arrest after a Hyundai Creta got stuck on a beach. The man was driving around on the beach and then ventured deeper into the water. His vehicle then got stuck in the waves. The police also reported the registration number to the local RTO for further action.

Many tourists were arrested by the Goa police in the past for similar crimes. A tourist from Chennai was arrested by the Pernem police of Goa for driving a self-drive rented Maruti Suzuki Swift on the Morjim beach. While the beach was not too crowded, such an activity could have been endangering tourists.

Another tourist was arrested by the police after his Hyundai i20 got stuck on the beach. The cops arrested the man after the sea washed away the rented vehicle.