Tourists in Maruti Gypsy get stuck in river: Indian Army rescues them [Video]

Tourists often adventure through extreme places for different reasons. Numerous times we have armed forces saving civilians from difficult situations. Recently, the Indian army rescued a group of civilians from the Sindh River in Jammu and Kashmir’s Sonamarg.

A clip is becoming viral on the internet that shows an army truck rescuing a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy that is stuck in the middle of the river. The army truck used a crane with a net to rescue the passengers inside the stuck vehicle. Two army personnel were spotted standing on the car to help passengers get out of the vehicle.

We are not sure about the number of people who got stuck inside the Gypsy. However, the army has rescued everyone and there is no causality reported from the incident.

Lighter vehicles are more successful in off-roading as they can come out of the situations with minimal efforts. The Scorpio Getaway seen here is full of people and the load of the vehicle is definitely exceeding its capacity. A heavier vehicle needs a more powerful engine and wider tyres to distribute the weight more evenly and come out of such situations easily. From the video, it looks like the people wanted to cross the water stream to reach the other side of the bank.

Even 4X4 cars can get stuck

If you believe that 4X4 vehicles cannot get stuck, then that is wrong. Even 4X4 vehicles that most of us believe to be the most capable vehicles can also get royally stuck. That is why it is always important to always be careful and know the limits of the vehicle before taking them to unknown terrain.

One should always take precautions like keeping traction boards and even bringing a rescue vehicle before entering an unknown off-roading track or trail.

While it is true that 4X4 will take you to the most challenging places, it is wrong to think that these vehicles can reach anywhere. Even if the vehicle gets 4X4 system, various factors like the type of tyres, low-end torque, traction control, differential locks and the driver’s experience affect the vehicle’s capability. One should always know of the limit of their 4X4 vehicles before taking them out. The go-anywhere vehicles get caterpillar tracks but sadly, they are not road-legal.

There are various kinds of vehicles. Some of them get full-time 4X4 systems while the others, to save fuel get only partial 4X4 systems. The partial 4X4 system is much more fuel-efficient. However, they need to be engaged before entering a challenging situation. The vehicles with partial 4X4 can get automatically engaged too but if it does not, then the driver needs to be extra careful and engage the 4X4 before entering a challenging location. Most of the time, people realise that the system is not engaged only after getting stuck.