Tourists in Toyota Fortuner drive into a stream after following Google Maps

A group of tourists visiting Kerala in a Toyota Fortuner drove into a water stream after following Google Maps. The incident happened in the middle of the day. After getting to see the stuck Fortuner, locals rushed in to help and avoid any mishap. No one is reportedly injured in this accident.

Tourists in Toyota Fortuner drive into a stream after following Google Maps

The family of tourists was visiting from Karnataka to Kerala. They were travelling to Alappuzha from Munnar where the incident happened. They were following Google Maps for directions to reach the destination. When the family arrived at Kuruppanthara Kadavu, the Maps suggested going straight. However, when the driver followed the instruction, the car entered a water stream and got stuck there.

The locals screamed at the driver to stop him but that did not help. As it was raining in the area, the stream was full of water. The locals rescued the passengers. The locals then tried to rescue the Toyota Fortuner as well but it was stuck. The villagers called a lorry and rescued the SUV.

The village panchayat has installed a chain to ensure that no such incident happens in the future.

Numerous such incidents

Tourists in Toyota Fortuner drive into a stream after following Google Maps

Last year a man died after drowning in water after following Google Maps. The 34-year old deceased, Satish Ghule was allegedly following Google Maps at Ahmednagar’s Akole town according to the police. The incident happened late at night at around 1:45 AM.

The driver of the car did not know the route so he turned on the Google Maps. However, the navigation showed a way that includes a bridge that remains underwater for about 4 months after the authorities release the water from the Pimpalgaon dam. The information was not updated on the Google Maps so there was no warning on the maps. Also, the PWD department did not put up any notice or warning before the bridge to warn the people. Since the locals have information about the bridge getting submerged for four months, they do not use the bridge but others do not have any such information. During the rainy season, the bridge remains closed due to the rise in the water level.

Tourists in Toyota Fortuner drive into a stream after following Google Maps

Another person in Tata Harrier got badly stuck in a jungle after following the Google Maps. He took the help of Google Maps for navigation and started from Pune at 9 AM. He planned to stop in Nagpur that night and Google Maps, it showed him that he will reach the destination by 11 PM.

Google Maps showed a route, which was a diversion from the main road near Amravati. He had driven 14 hours by then and he followed the alternate route without thinking much. However, he found out quickly that the dark and narrow route was not in a good shape but he kept his faith in Google Maps and went ahead. After covering about 20 km in an hour, he reached a small river creek that had a broken bridge. While the bridge was badly damaged, he found a route on the left of the bridge, which seemed fine for the Harrier to cross.

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