Tourists scream in panic as a Rhino charges at their Maruti Gypsy convoy in Assam [Video]

Rhino attacks have been pretty common, especially in Assam where the national park is located and the signhtings are common. In a recent event, a Rhinoceros attacked charged at a convoy of open jeeps who were carrying tourists. The viral video is from Kaziranga National Park, Assam. The tourists screamed in panic as the Rihno leapt forward towards them.

The Rhinoceros reportedly chased the convoy for about three kilometres before dissapearing back into the forest. The incident was captured by a tourist who was also part of the group and was widely shared on social media handles. The incidents have become quite common, especially after the tourists started flocking back to such places after the COVID lockdowns.

A similar video from Manas National Park became viral a few days ago. The video shows a rhinocerous emerging from a thick bush and chasing the tourist vehicle. The driver quickly sped up to escape the rhino. However, the video shows that the rhino did not give up and kept on chasing for a good amount of time before abandoning.

Tourists scream in panic as a Rhino charges at their Maruti Gypsy convoy in Assam [Video]

Many experts have attributed such attacks to the unease of the animals due to the continous human movement. With the tourists inflow rising and no official cap on the number of entries inside the parks, such incidents are bound to happen.

Rhinos also get hit by vehicles

Despite strict guidelines to follow speed limits in such sensitive areas, enforcement agencies do not enforce these limits. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on tweeted last year and informed that a rhinoceros got hit by a speeding truck and survived in Kaziranga. Sarma said that the truck was intercepted and a challan was issued. He also said that the government is working on a special “32 km elevated corridor”.

The rhino hits the truck, falls down and then gets up again on the second attempt. It leaves the road quickly. Himanta said that rhinos are our special friends and we would not allow any infringement on their space.

According to the locals, the truck was en route to Guwahati from Jorhat. The incident occurred in Haldibari Animal Corridor. The vehicle was intercepted by the police in the Bagari area of the Nagaon district. The exact amount of the challan remains unknown but according to the sources, it was a heavy fine.

Rhino tried to attack a car

A few years ago, a similar incident from Assam became viral on the Internet. In the video, a Rhino was spotted on the highway and it was charging at other cars. A Rhinoceros was seen on the main highway and attacked the Ford EcoSport and other cars on the road. The video was taken from a vehicle that is following the animal on the road.

When in such situations, it is important to make sure that you never get out of the vehicle and panic. Many vehicles can be seen dodging the animal and going too close to it. Wild animals can be unpredictable and can cause harm if you get too close.

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