Toyota advertises deals for Toyota Etios and Liva

Toyota had advertised a deal to push sales of the Etios and Liva in April. There are some good points in the deal that the company’s dealers had put out in metros.

Deal details

  • Free Maintenance Package for 3 years/ 30000 KM +
  • Insurance @Rs 1 +
  • Exchange Bonus

Is this a good deal?

The free maintenance package that Toyota has advertised for three years or 30,000 km is nothing special really. These are basically the three free services that car manufacturers often offer their customers. Labor charges are free during these services and one has to only pay for consumables like oil and coolant. With service intervals of 10,000 km for the Etios and Liva, this amounts to the standard free service offered by the company.

However, insurance at Rs. 1 is a good deal for the customer. The first premium amount on an Etios usually is about Rs. 14,000. This is, in essence, a discount that the dealer is offering by taking on the burden of paying the insurance premium for you. The dealer will have a tie-up with the insurance company where they share the premium costs on the promise of volumes and repeat business through renewals.

As for the exchange bonus, it is dependent on the valuation that your old car has. You could get up to Rs. 10,000 off the invoice price of your new car depending on the condition of your old car.

This is a good deal for the customer as far as insurance is concerned, but otherwise nothing special. If you negotiate hard enough with the car dealer, you can still manage this deal anytime.