Toyota Baleno: 5 ways the Baleno from Toyota could look like!

5 renders of the future Suzuki Baleno from Toyota!

Suzuki Motor Corp and Toyota Motor Corp will be soon supplying some of their vehicles to each other, which would lead to Toyota selling the Maruti Baleno premium hatchback under its own brand. While details on the Toyota-badged Baleno aren’t available at the moment, we have as many as 5 renderings that show what the upcoming Toyota Baleno could look like –


The first rendering you see here shows what the Maruti Suzuki Baleno would look like with a grille of the last-gen Toyota Prius. As you can see, Toyota can easily change the entire look of the Baleno simply by giving it a Prius-like grille. Other than a new grille, the rendering doesn’t show any other new part. Again, it’s too early to speculate what the actual car would look like, but this rendering goes on to show what Toyota can achieve by just a minor change in the styling. That said, it’s likely Toyota won’t use the last-generation design language on its own version of Baleno.

Bolder Baleno

toyota baleno images

The second rendering here shows the Maruti Suzuki Baleno with a sporty front fascia designed as per Toyota’s latest design language. The front-end is characterized by a large trapezoidal grille that has a chrome outline. The sleek pair of taillamps is connected through a narrow grille. Other than the updated front fascia, the render doesn’t show any other change except for the wrap-around taillamps and stylish alloy wheels. This render goes on to show that the Baleno can look a lot bolder than its current avatar through a new nose-job.


This render shows a front fascia that seems to have taken inspiration from the Yaris hatchback. The front-end of the car comes with a new bumper, new pair of headlights, and even a new hood. The vehicle also gets new four-spoke alloy wheels. Here again, the Toyota-badged Baleno looks much different due to its new fascia. Once again, this render goes on to show that it would be fairly easy for Toyota to incorporate its own identity with the Baleno hatchback by simply slapping on a face similar to one of its existing cars onto the Baleno.

Sporty Baleno

maruti toyota baleno images

Here is a rather sporty-looking Toyota-badged Baleno. This Baleno gets a two-tone blue-black colour scheme and black-painted alloy wheels. The front-end has a Camry-like huge air dam and a sleek pair of headlamps. While the Baleno has got an upmarket design, it doesn’t look too exciting. This Baleno, however, looks really sporty. The Baleno should have always looked this funky, no? At least we really hope Toyota takes a similar approach for their Toyota-badged Baleno.

Re-badged Baleno

toyota baleno images edited

There is even some possibility that Toyota may launch a badge-engineered version of the Brezza to ensure a quick launch of the Toyota-badged vehicle. The final render merely shows what the Baleno would look like with a Vitara badge. Like we said, there is no surety about what the car would look like. Hence, Toyota might end up selling the car through its channel without many any comprehensive changes to the design.

It’s noteworthy that Suzuki Motor Corporation enjoys the best sales performance in the Indian market through Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. SMC will now supply 30,000 to 50,000 units of the Vitara Brezza SUV and the Baleno premium hatchback to Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM). So, basically, the company’s Gujarat plant will now supply cars to Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, export markets, and TKM. In return, Toyota will supply about 10,000 units of the Corolla to Suzuki Motor Corporation.

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