Toyota Brezza: 5 ways the Vitara Brezza-based SUV from Toyota could look like

Toyota and Maruti have formally announced their partnership in the Indian car market to overcome stiff competition. The two partnering companies will launch a slew of hybrid, electric and regular cars. The first SUV that will be launched is India’s top-selling UV, the Vitara Brezza, with the Toyota badge on it. What do you think the upcoming SUV will look like? Well, we have five speculative renders of the upcoming car to feed your imagination.


This render shows how the Maruti Brezza may turn up as a sportier version with the Toyota badge on it. While the body design will be retained, most of the changes will happen in the front part. Toyota may make subtle changes to the bumpers, front grille and may even update the headlamps and the tail lamps to make it look different from Maruti’s product. The front grille is split into two parts and looks quite aggressive in this render.


Toyota DNA

Toyota’s new generation vehicles get an identical front-end that ensures that all the models follow a certain family design. This speculative render is inspired by the new Toyota RAV4. and shows exactly how the Brezza may look if Toyota decides to make it an original Toyota design. The front of the vehicle has been redesigned with a new grille and elongated fog lamp housings. The bumper also receives an update and looks sportier than the original vehicle. There’s also a wider scuff plate under the front bumper. Even though the rest of the vehicle remains identical, the updated front-end makes the rendered vehicle very fresh.


True-blue Toyota

Here’s another render that shows how Toyota may redesign the complete front-end to make it a true family car. The render indicates that the upcoming vehicle may get an all-black front grille with a redesigned lower bumper and faux bumper protector. The position of the fog lamps has also been changed, which updates the whole look of the vehicle. Even the headlamps have been updated with a slight bump and DRL to give it a fresh look. Toyota may also give it a dual tone effect similar to what Maruti offers with the Brezza.



Toyota recently revealed the 2019 RAV4, which is a compact SUV from the brand and is available in many foreign markets. To keep the development costs low, both the brands joined hands and it will translate into a low cost of the final products. However, Toyota may just take direct inspiration from the RAV4 SUV to launch their own version of the Brezza in the Indian market. This render directly lifts the front-end of 2019 RAV4 and shows how it will look like on Brezza. Not bad, we say. What do you think?



There is a slight possibility that Toyota may launch only a badge-engineered version of the Brezza to quickly launch the product in India and save more costs. This speculative render image shows what it may look like if Toyota goes ahead with the badge-engineered version of the Brezza. If Toyota goes ahead with this design, it will be quite difficult to differentiate between the two models on the roads unless Toyota makes some big changes to the body colours.


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