Toyota claims Corolla is world’s best selling car nameplate for 2013

The best selling car in the world is at best a contentious subject as car makers constantly bicker over cars and nameplates. While some car makers claim that a specific body style of a specific car is the best seller in the world while others club various body styles under a single nameplate.

11th Generation Toyota Corolla Altis Image
11th Generation Toyota Corolla Altis Luxury Sedan


Toyota has jumped into the chest thumping fray by claiming that the Corolla is the world’s best selling nameplate for 2013. The Japanese automaker claims that 1.22 million units of the Corolla, in various bodystyles, have been delivered to customers across the globe.

This figure puts the Toyota Corolla ahead of the Ford Focus, whose 2013 global sales number 1,097,618 units. Just days ago, Ford came out with a presser suggesting that its Focus compact car was the best selling nameplate on the planet, an assertion that now stands countered by Toyota.

In its own defense, Toyota has noted that “Based on Toyota’s analysis, various competitive claims based on “single nameplate” registrations may have excluded data for Corolla Axio, Corolla Altis, Corolla EX, Corolla Fielder and Corolla Rumion, which are identified and marketed as Corolla sedans and wagons“.

Interestingly, Toyota was the biggest car brand in the world for 2013 with sales of over 8 million, led by cars such as the Corolla and Camry. On the other hand, American car maker Ford, with sales of 5.7 million cars in 2013, finished in third place, behind German automaker Volkswagen, which clocked sales of 6.3 million units last year.

In India, Toyota will launch the 11th generation version of the Corolla Altis on the 27th of May, 2014. The D-Segment sedan is larger than the outgoing Altis and comes with brand new styling, revised interiors and a new CVT automatic gearbox for the petrol engined model.

However, the petrol and turbo diesel engines of the car have been carried over from the outgoing model. Bookings for the car are now open at all Toyota dealerships across the country. Deliveries of the new Altis will begin right from the 27th of May, the day when the car’s prices will be officially revealed.