Toyota Corolla Altis crashes against Toyota Fortuner and overturns the luxury SUV [Video]

We have said multiple times with videos that SUVs are unstable and can overturn easily. This is one more incident involving the Toyota Fortuner, which is considered the best SUV in the country by many. The accident between the Toyota Corolla Altis and the Fortuner shows how unstable SUVs can be.

The incident is reported by Delhi Technological University. According to the eyewitnesses, after an evening light shower, these two cars were crossing each other. Somehow, the Altis and the Fortuner lost control. The Altis crashed into the side of the Fortuner causing it to overturn.

We can see the video in which the Toyota Fortuner is resting on its side and the occupants of the car are coming out. There are no injuries reported and everyone travelling in both vehicles was safe. The Fortuner though is releasing massive amount of white smoke indicating that it is burning the engine oil. It is likely because of the position of the car.

The Toyota Fortuner has got damages on its sides while the front-end of the Toyota Corolla Altis is properly smashed and is unrecognisable. The safety equipment of both the cars worked well though.

SUVs tend to overturn

Toyota Corolla Altis crashes against Toyota Fortuner and overturns the luxury SUV [Video]

A few weeks ago, we saw a Tata Nano causing a Mahindra Thar to overturn after a crash. While many people questioned how a top rated Mahindra Thar was overturned by a zero star rating Tata Nano, there answer is in the stability of the vehicle. Well, the SUVs are unstable by design. While the SUVs have massively become popular around the world, they were originally designed to be slow and rugged to take on rough terrains. However, seldom do people who buy SUVs drive them in the off-road terrains nowadays pushing the sales of 4×2 SUVs, which are not even considered as real SUVs.

SUVs, with their higher ground clearance, have a tendency to overturn more easily compared to standard hatchbacks or sedans. It is important to exercise extra caution when driving SUVs at high speeds. The elevated ground clearance shifts the vehicle’s center of gravity away from the road surface, resulting in increased instability. This is why taking high-speed corners in an SUV can be unnerving, whereas it feels more stable in lower-profile cars like sedans.

The increased risk of tilting and toppling over is attributed to the SUVs’ higher ground clearance. As a result, it is crucial for drivers, especially those transitioning from sedans, to exercise greater care and attention while operating SUVs.