Check out this old Toyota Corolla Altis getting TRANSFORMED with luxury interiors

The Toyota Corolla is the best selling car of all time across the world. It’s reliable nature, sober exterior design, comfortable interiors, and efficient engines are among the several reasons which made it such a hit globally. In India too, the Corolla Altis has been a strong contender in the D-segment sedan game, though of late its sales have been dwindling thanks to better and updated rivals. The older generation model of the Corolla Altis is still a common sight on the roads and demands a pretty good resale value. For the same, a lot of people have stuck to their old Corolla Altis till date. With the passage of time though, any car loses the initial sheen it had and starts looking and feeling old. The video below by Autorounders show an older gen Corolla Altis that had started feeling its age. However, it has been revamped inside out and it feels as fresh as a new car. Let’s take a look at the video before getting onto the details of this customised Corolla Altis.

As seen in the video, the car has been coated with a fresh paint job in pearl white shade. The alloys have been given a glossy black treatment which creates an interesting contrast with the rest of the body. The old headlights have been replaced with new projector units that offer a better throw and illuminate well in the dark. The tail lamps have been replaced with new units too but the emphasis here has been on maintaining the car in its original stock condition. The major changes have been made on the inside where this old generation Corolla Altis has received a luxury treatment.

The whole cabin has now been draped in black and tan shade leather and it instantly adds to the premium-ness of the cabin. The seats have been draped in premium composite leather seat covers that enhance the appeal as well as the comfort of the interiors. The steering wheel has been given a genuine leather treatment with wood finish on top. The door pads have also been draped in the same tan leather material while roof-liner has been replaced with a custom panel with a black finish. The final addition is in the form of an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system attached at the back of the front seat to provide entertainment on the go for the rear passengers.

Check out this old Toyota Corolla Altis getting  TRANSFORMED with luxury interiors

Talking about the Corolla Altis, Toyota may or may not bring the new generation model of the popular sedan in India. It has been already revealed in the international markets and is a marked step from the current generation model. It features an all-new and modern exterior design along with well-designed interiors that can make it a bestseller in India again.