Toyota dealership felicitates ‘India’s parking legend’

Remember the parallel parking legend who became viral on the Internet because of his skills? Yes, the same person who took out the Toyota Innova from a narrow parking space and later videos showing him park his vehicle at the very same spot became viral too. While the person became so popular that even TV channels came to interview him, a dealership network of Toyota in Kerala gave him a memento and a gift for his exceptional parking skills.

Toyota dealership felicitates ‘India’s parking legend’

The dealership sent two representatives to the home of the person and gave him a memento congratulating him. The memento says “We appreciate your extraordinary parking skills”. It should be noted that Amana Toyota arranged the facilitation and gave a gift to the person and not Toyota officially.

A few days ago, a video shot by the wife of the person became viral on the Internet. The video shows him taking out the Innova from extremely tight parking. Soon after she shot the video and sent it to her brother, the video became viral on the Internet and he became famous. A few days after that, a video showing him park the vehicle in the same spot also became viral on the Internet.

The person came on the video a few days ago and said that he did not know if a video was being made. He got to know about it later. He says that his brother-in-law asked his wife to make a video of taking the vehicle out of the parking. After the video became viral on the Internet, many motorists and pedestrians gather at the spot to see his driving skills of parking and taking the car out on the roads every day.

There are even other people who have tried parking their vehicles on the same spot and have failed on video. A black coloured sedan was also spotted trying to park right on the same spot but failed.

While parallel parking is a common skill that most motorists know about in developed countries, there are only a few handfuls who know how to properly do parallel parking. Even though it is mandatory by the government to test the parallel parking skills, almost all the Indian driving license holders do not give a test and get the license by bribing the officials, which is why most fail to do simple parallel parking on the roads and mess up the parking lots.

The Innova driver is very experienced and he says that he drove a Jeep in Wayanad for years and also drove around a 10-metre bus. He says that the length of the Innova is not much compared to the bus and other vehicles that he has driven in the past.

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