Tired of giving a lift to a friend, a bunch of guys gift Toyota Etios Liva hatchback

How many of us are dependent on friends in our lives to pick us up and drop us regularly? Well, there are many of us in this situation. Tired of a similar situation, a group of friends raised money to gift a Toyota Etios Liva to a friend, who did not own a car. The friends made the decision to gift the car after they got tired of giving lifts and pick up the car-less friend.

The video was posted by an employee of the car dealership in South Africa. The group of friends surprised the car-less guy after taking him to the showroom and telling him about the gift. A video was uploaded on the social media platforms that show the surprise.

It is truly heartfelt to see such a wonderful friendship between the group. Gifting a car is a big deal and all the guys in the video looked very young in age. There are many such friends who regularly pick and drop their friends but this is something, which is extremely rare to see.

The Toyota Etios is a popular hatchback in the South African market and is made in India. The South African market gets many made-in-India cars including the Mahindra XUV500. It should be noted that the South African spec vehicle can be different from the Indian version of the model. The exact details of the variant are not known but in South Africa, the Etios only gets the 1.5-litre petrol engine option. It generates a maximum of 90 PS and peak torque of 132 Nm. It gets a 5-speed manual transmission as standard.

Interestingly, the Etios sold in the South African market still gets the Euro-II emission compliance, which is really outdated according to the Indian standards. However, that’s what government of South Africa has set as a minimum requirement. South Africa is a developing market just like India but the emission and safety standards are quite sub-standard.

Tired of giving a lift to a friend, a bunch of guys gift Toyota Etios Liva hatchback

The base price of the Toyota Etios hatchback in South Africa is around 179,500 South African Rand, which is roughly equal to Rs 8.6 lakh, in India. The price is much higher than the Indian market price but then there are import taxes and other things that increase the overall cost of a car. Rs 8,6 lakh is quite a lot of money and the group of friends must have shared a big chunk of money to buy the car for their friend. Well, we are not aware of any names here but they sure did a commendable job. As for the friend who received the car, we would like to congratulate him and would want to him to know that friends are forever!