Toyota Etios sedan: Type 1 neatly restored into a type 2 version [Video]

Toyota is one of popular car brands in Indian market. The manufacturer is known for making reliable cars with less maintenance cost. Toyota’s Innova and Fortuner are some of the product that are selling like hot cakes despite being expensive. Toyota used to sell Etios Liva and hatchback and Etios sedan in the market before. Both these models were doing quite well in the market but, as the competition kept on rising in the segment, Toyota decided to discontinue it from the market. We still have Etios sedans in several parts of the country and here we have a video where an 8 year old Type 1 Etios sedan has been neatly modified and customised to look like a Type 2.

The video has been uploaded by BROTOMOTIV on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger shows condition of the car when it had arrived at the workshop. He also mentions that the owner was using it at a place where the roads were pretty rough. It had several dents and scratches on the car and some parts were so badly damaged that, it had to be replaced.

As they were doing a type conversion on this Etios, they had to replace some of the parts in the car. They removed the front and rear bumper and the front grille. Once that was done, they start removing the paint from the body correct the dents on the car. The parts that were being replaced on this car were all sourced from Toyota only. Once the denting on this car was done, they sand the existing grey paint on the car and start applying putty to give an even base.

Toyota Etios sedan: Type 1 neatly restored into a type 2 version [Video]

Once putty had dried out, it was properly sanded to give a even body line to the vehicle. The car was then taken to the paint booth and it a coat of 2K primer was applied on the car. The original colour of this Etios sedan was grey and the vlogger suggested the owner that they can look for a different colour as they were already planning to repaint the car completely. They suggested the Intense Red paint that is seen in Kia Seltos and Sonet SUVs. The roof was painted in black and the body received a coat of red paint.

All the panels like door, bonnet, boot were removed and painted separately to achieve factory finish. Clear coat was then applied on the whole car to get a gloss finish to the car. Just like the exteriors, interiors on this Etios were also in a bad condition, vlogger and his team took the panels out and repainted the plastic panels and the dashboard gets a hydro dipped faux wooden panel. The seats are also redone and the car looks like a brand new unit. The front and rear bumper, grille were all replaced with Type 2 units. This along with the new paint job and interiors has completely changed the overall look of the car. Brotomotiv has without any doubt done and excellent job in restoring this Type 1 Toyota Etios to Type 2 sedan.