Toyota Fortuner & new Ford Endeavour get STUCK: Pajero & old Endeavour to the rescue!

Driving around in sand can be extremely fun but if not being careful, sand can cause most of the capable vehicles on the roads to get stuck. Here is a video that shows various off-roading SUVs doing dune bashing in Rajasthan. The video also shows how not being careful can get your vehicle stuck in the sand.

The video starts by showing various SUVs including the likes of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, old and new generation Ford Endeavour, New-gen Ford Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Maruti Suzuki Gypsy King. All the vehicles are 4X4 and are equipped with the low-ratio transfer case, which makes all of them quite capable. While the vehicles can be seen moving around in the dunes successfully, two SUVs – one Ford Endeavour and old-gen Toyota Fortuner get stuck in the sand.

The Ford Endeavour gets its tyres stuck in the sand first and after repeated attempts of the driver, the vehicle could not come out on its own. The new Ford Endeavour tried to change the direction of the front wheels while giving it power gradually. However, it had to be rescued by the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

The second vehicle to get stuck in the loose sand was the older generation Toyota Fortuner. The vehicle bottomed out due to the low break over angle. The older generation Fortuner was trying to come down from a dune when the belly hit the sharp fall of sand and got stuck. The older generation Fortuner got rescued by the older generation Ford Endeavour that pulled it down with the help of a winch.

Toyota Fortuner & new Ford Endeavour get STUCK: Pajero & old Endeavour to the rescue!

While both these vehicles can be seen going around in the sand dunes without much problem in the rest of the video, the off-roading can be tricky and vehicles can get stuck unexpectedly. While it depends a lot on the vehicle and the driver, going off-road to unknown places can be challenging as the surfaces can throw unexpected challenges to the vehicles. Off-roading can be extremely fun but there are a few things that one needs to keep in mind while taking on off-road trails.

One should never go to hardcore off-roading without a backup vehicle. Any vehicle regardless of the experience of the driver and capability of the vehicle can get stuck. A recovery vehicle ensures hassle-free recovery. It is also important to carry off-road recovery equipment like towing ropes, tyre inflator, a hand digger and sand ladder. Getting stuck at a secluded place can be extremely dangerous. It is always a good idea to carry a pack of water bottles and dry food that can keep your body charged if you’re stuck for long hours and the help is a few hours away.