Toyota Fortuner 4X2 gets stuck in mud: Mahindra Thar to the rescue

Several videos of SUVs off-roading are available online and some of them have been featured on our website as well. We have said several times in our articles that it is not recommended to take a 2WD SUV to off-roading due to various reasons. Here we have another video that proves why it is not a good idea to take 2WD SUV off-road. Here we have a Toyota Fortuner that gets stuck in mud while off-roading. The SUV was later rescued by a Mahindra Thar.

The video has been uploaded by Yagya Sharma on their YouTube channel. The vlogger was actually trying to find out whether his 2WD Toyota Fortuner can go off-road or not. He chose an open ground and the ground had lot of water pockets and mud sections after the rain. He starts driving the car without giving any input.

The car smoothly moved forward and he turned the car to the direction where it had more mud and slush. Initially, he was very happy with the performance as he felt the car might easily cross the small mud section. Soon he entered the mud section and the Fortuner lost its power and got stuck. In an attempt to get out, the vlogger floored the accelerator and that made things even worse.

Toyota Fortuner 4X2 gets stuck in mud: Mahindra Thar to the rescue

Toyota Fortuner is a rear wheel drive SUV and there was no traction on those wheels. One of them was spinning freely while the other was not moving at all. Vlogger tried getting the SUV out by rocking the car but, that did not make any difference. he even put rocks under the rear wheel so that it can gain some traction and come out. All those attempts were in vain.

By this time, people had gathered at the spot. Vlogger then called for backup vehicle which was a Mahindra Thar. In some time, Mahindra Thar came to the spot and the SUVs were tied to each other using a rope. Within no time, Mahindra Thar pulled Fortuner out of the pit.

Once the Fortuner was out, vlogger asked Mahindra Thar driver to cross the same section and he did it without any problem. The driver had engaged 4×4 while crossing the section. After trying it in 4×4 several times and different speeds, the driver then crossed the section without 4×4 and he was able to do that.

Vlogger was very impressed with Thar’s performance and said his next vehicle is going to be a Mahindra Thar. There were multiple reasons why Toyota Fortuner got stuck and one of them was that it was not a 4×4 SUV. Fortuner is a very capable off-road SUV in 4×4 form. Absence of 4×4 will definitely affect its performance. Next issue were the tyres. Toyota Fortuner was using Highway Terrain tyres which is not suitable for off-roading. Tyres play a crucial role during of-roading. If you are planning to go off-road you must have All-terrain or off-road spec tyres. last reason why he got stuck was because he was not carrying momentum. If the vlogger had carried momentum while approaching the section, the Fortuner might have crossed the section without much problem.