Toyota Fortuner 4×2 gets stuck in snow: Shows how important 4×4 is

Unlike western countries, in India off-roading is not very popular. There are several SUV and 4×4 owner groups who are now organising such trips with the help of experienced people to explore the off-road capabilities of the vehicles. Maruti Gyspy, Mahindra Thar are some of the commonly used SUVs in such groups. SUVs like Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, Pajero are also used for off-roading. We have featured several off-road videos in the past and here we have another video where a 4×2 Toyota Fortuner is stuck in snow and was rescued by locals and 4×4 SUV owners group.

The video has been uploaded by Small Town Rider on their YouTube channel. In the video, vlogger and his friends were on a winder drive expedition on their 4×4 SUVs. The group had current generation and older generation Mahindra Thar. As we know, this time of the year it snows heavily in the north and the group has also encountered snow.

The snow was so thick that they could not drive the SUVs to their hotel. One of the Mahindra Thar got stuck and the other was also not moving. They left the vehicle at the spot and tried recovering them in the morning. The SUVs started without any problem and the vlogger was surprised with that.

The older Mahindra Thar was on the road so, they managed to drive the SUV to the intersection where it joins the main road. All the roads were completely covered in snow and the vlogger tied the winch to another Thar and started pulling itself out. While they were trying to do the same. A Toyota Fortuner that was parked on the road needed some help.

Toyota Fortuner 4×2 gets stuck in snow: Shows how important 4×4 is

Snow had formed around the SUV and the driver was unable to take the SUV out. This was a 2WD Fortuner and that made things even more challenging. 4×4 SUVs like Mahindra Thar were having difficulties in such conditions. Local tried pushing the SUV out but, it was of no use. Finally, one of the Thar owner ties a toe rope and pulled the Fortuner out. Even after coming out, the SUV was unable to move forward as it was unable to get any traction.

The rear wheels on the Fortuner can be seen spinning in the video. Thar pulled the SUV once again and one of the driver from the group turned the Fortuner around. This video shows the importance of 4×4. In the same video, a Mahindra Thar that is stuck in snow recovered itself after it gained some traction from the ground.

The tyres also play a crucial role in such conditions. It is recommended to use snow chains while driving in such terrains. Snow chains would provide additional grip that normally tyres won’t provide in such condition. If the Fortuner seen here was the 4×4 version, it could have been easily rescued. The Fortuner was running on All-Terrain tyres but, that alone is not sufficient in snow. The group later rescued many more SUV and cars that were stuck in snow.