Toyota Fortuner 4×2 SUV gets stuck in mud: Shows how important 4×4 is [video]

Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular SUV in the market. It is one of those SUVs which people relate with reliability and off-roading. We have seen several videos of Toyota Fortuner off-roading and some of them have been featured on our website as well. Toyota is offering both 4×4 and 4×2 options with Fortuner in the market. Here we have a video that shows why 4×4 is important in an SUV if you ever get stuck in a situation.

The video has been shared by Arun Panwar on their YouTube channel. Vlogger started the video as an ownership review but, ended up getting the Fortune stuck in mud. The pre-facelift Toyota Fortuner seen in the video belonged to his friend. The owner mentioned that he always wanted to buy a Toyota Fortuner and was a huge fan of this SUV.

He did mention that they do not go off-roading and that is the reason why they did not opt for 4×4. Owner then does a quick comparison with Ford Endeavour which was once the immediate rival to this SUV. Owner mentioned that he was pretty happy with the vehicle but, he did have some complaints like the touchscreen infotainment system from Toyota did not support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto at that time.

The current versions are offered with an updated touchscreen that support this feature. Vlogger then sits on the driver seat and tried taking the SUV for a spin. Accidently, he drove into  patch where the surface was fully of mud. The moment, SUV entered the section, it started loosing traction.

Toyota Fortuner 4×2 SUV gets stuck in mud: Shows how important 4×4 is

As soon as the vlogger realised the surface is not ideal for driving, he stopped and tried getting the vehicle out in reverse. However, the damage was already done and the wheels had already started to spin freely. Toyota Fortuner 4×2 is a rear wheel drive SUV and the tyres that it was using were also making things difficult.

It was using a Highway Terrain tyres which are suitable for highways but, in an off-road situation they are no preferred. After several attempts, driver finally started making progress and the wheels started to gain some traction. The SUV slowly moved out but, then, it slipped out from the track and one of the wheel went inside another pool of mud. Driver tried stopping the SUV but, it simply slipped into the pool.

Vlogger then talks about the importance of 4×4 in an SUV. If it was the 4×4 version, then front wheels would have found grip and brought the SUV out. Vlogger and the owner then decide to get out and let another person from their team try to get the vehicle out. Even the new driver tried several time but, the SUV was following a similar track every time and was ending up in mud pit. After several unsuccessful trials, the driver finally managed to get the vehicle out. There was no back up vehicle which made thing even worse. If they had a backup vehicle then it would have easily pulled the SUV out.

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