Toyota Fortuner 4×4 pre-facelift model neatly converted into Legender by dealership

Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular 4×4 SUV in its segment. Just like any other Toyota, Fortuner is also known for being reliable and low cost of maintenance. Toyota Fortuner is a capable off-roader and we have seen several videos of it online. Earlier this year, Toyota launched the facelifted version of Fortuner and also launched much more premium and sporty looking Legender in the market. Unfortunately, Toyota is only offering Legender in 2WD set up only. We have seen several conversion videos where a regular Fortuner is transformed into a Legender. Here we have one such video where a pre-facelift 4×4 Fortuner was converted to look like a Legender.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel. We have seen several conversion videos of Toyota Fortuner in the past. Most of the time, such conversion works are done aftermarket but, here in this video, the SUV has been converted to Fortuner at an authorised service center.

Vlogger asks the owner why he did that and the owner also talks about the overall cost of this conversion. The owner has been using this Fortuner for almost 4 years and when Toyota launched Legender this year, it grabbed his attention. As Toyota did not offer 4×4 with Legender, he chose not to buy it and started looking for options to convert his pre-facelift model Fortuner to Legender.

He was not satisfied with the quality of work done at those workshops. He then got in touch with the Toyota service center and dealership for this conversion. At first they did not agree as they had not done this type of conversion in the past. After requesting them several times, they finally managed to do the conversion.

Toyota Fortuner 4×4 pre-facelift model neatly converted into Legender by dealership

They replaced several panels on the Fortuner to convert it into a Legender. The bonnet, headlights, bumper, front grille and many other things were changed. As the service center was doing this for the first time, it took almost 2 months for them to complete this job. They encountered several problems and had to come up with a solution for that as well. Only work that the owner had to from outside the service center was the wiring for the LED headlamps. The wiring was done without cutting the existing wires.

Overall, the owner was very impressed with the work done on the Fortuner. He also wrapped the pillars and roof in matte black finish like seen in original Legender. The owner did not change the alloy wheels and the tail lamps. The reason behind that was the wiring and the fitment. The dealership told him that if he plans to replace the tail lamps, then they might have to make some changes at the rear and the wiring might also be changed which will be expensive.

The owner wanted the Legender look in his 4×4 pre-facelift Fortuner and he was satisfied with the result. Toyota will be officially launching a 4×4 version Toyota Legender on October 8 and the owner can be heard saying that, if he came to know about it before doing the conversion, he would have waited for it. The overall cost of converting his Fortuner to Lgender was around Rs 4.5 lakh.