Toyota Fortuner: 5 CRAZY things people are doing with this SUV in India [Video]

Toyota Fortuner’s popularity in India is through the roof. The all-new Fortuner is selling like hot cakes in the market and is way ahead of its nearest competitor. The massive size of the SUV plus its capability makes it very popular in the market. But how are most Indians are using the Fortuner? Let’s find out five craziest ways.

Snow drifting!

The new Fortuner is quite capable and comes with the 4WD drivetrain. The Fortuner also gets a low-range gearbox that makes it much agiler. With all the features, it can take you to many remote places that can be very difficult to reach but what else can it be used for?

Well, as shown by this example, you can have fun in the snow. You will need exemplary skills to control the slide and the direction it is going but with practice, yes you can have such fun in Fortuner.

Tractor replacement

Tractors are quite successful in the fields due to their huge torque output in the lower RPM and big contact area that makes it easier to move around in soft, sticky surfaces. There are numerous videos of Toyota Fortuner being used as tractor replacement and most of them are from Punjab

Here is one example of the Fortuner pulling a ploughing equipment behind it. Now it requires a lot of traction and low-end torque to make the plougher work but this old Fortuners seems to be doing the job perfectly!

Doing the rescue job!

Well, the Fortuner has a lot of towing capacity and again, there are many videos available on the YouTube that shows people recusing out much bigger vehicles. The previous generation of Toyota Fortuner is powered by a 3.0-litre engine that produced 169 Bhp of power and 343 Nm of peak torque. The car also offered a 4X4 system with a low ratio transfer case. This is enough to pull out a small truck, school bus or even a boat!

Competing with tractors in tug war!

The Toyota Fortuner has a huge pulling power and a few people put it to test by getting into tug-war with tractors. Here is one such video where the Toyota Fortuner is fighting it out with a Framtrac tractor and pulling it away in the process. This is much difficult than pulling a trolley or rescuing a vehicle as the tractor is trying to go the other way.

Convert it into a Lexus

Toyota Fortuner: 5 CRAZY things people are doing with this SUV in India [Video]

The luxury-arm of Toyota is Lexus and they make some evil looking SUVs. There are many kits available in India and international markets that make it look similar to the mighty Lexus vehicles. Even though Toyota offers official TRD kit that looks mean enough but nothing close to the hour-glass shaped front grille of the Lexus!

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