Toyota Fortuner: 5 INSANE things owners do with this SUV [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular SUVs currently available in India. The massive size of the Fortuner and off-roading capabilities make it an SUV that has buyers lining up for it be it the regular Indian or powerful politicians. Let’s take a look at the crazy ways (this is India after all) that people are using the Fortuner for.

Snow drifting!

The Toyota Fortuner is one of the most capable SUVs currently on sale in India when it comes to off-roading. With its four-wheel-drive set-up augmented by a low-ratio gearbox, the Fortuner can tackle almost any terrain. An example of this insane off-roading capability can be seen in the video above, where one owner decides to drift the Fortuner about on snow. The driver shows exceptional control as he makes the SUV dance on the snow, which is something that needs a whole lot of practice and exceptional car control skills.

Tractor replacement

The tractor is the go-to vehicle for Indian farmers as they can easily move through both soft and rough sections of the terrain with ease, thanks to the low-end torque output and massive tyres, which offer a big contact patch for better grip. However, many farmers, especially in Punjab, have been seen putting the Fortuner to use on their fields with a plough attached to the rear end.

Thanks to the 4WD traction and the low-end grunt, the Fortuner makes ploughing a field look easy, while also ensuring the person behind the wheel is as comfortable as possible.

Fortuner to the rescue

The Toyota Fortuner has a braked towing capacity of 3,000 kilograms when equipped with the manual gearbox (auto is 2,800 kg), which means that it has been used to rescue vehicles from some rather unfortunate situations. The old Fortuner’s 3.0-litre engine offered up 343 Nm of peak torque and this combined with the low-ratio gearbox allows it to pull out a school bus that had got badly stuck in a ditch on the side of a road out with absolute ease. The Fortuner has been seen pulling out even heavier vehicles like trucks out of such situations.

Doing Burnouts!

The Fortuner is known for its off-roading capabilities but with the massive amount of torque it has on offer, it is inevitable that some people have used it to pull off some rather insane burnouts as seen in the video above.

Lexus Conversion

Lexus is Toyota’s luxury marque and it comes as no surprise that many owners both here in India and abroad try and make their Fortuner’s look like its more premium cousins. For those wanting that massive spindle grille seen on the Lexus LX SUVs, the only options seem to be aftermarket body kits as seen in the video above. The Fortuner seen in the video has been fitted with a widebody LX sport body kit from NKS, which transforms the Fortuner into an extremely cool copy of the Lexus LX. While this particular vehicle is in Vietnam, NKS kits have been seen on quite a few Fortuners in India as well and can be bought online.