Toyota Fortuner: 6 CRAZY things people are doing with this SUV in India [Video]

Toyota Fortuner has a market of its own. It is far superior and ahead in the sales numbers than its nearest competitor in the Indian market. The success is owed to the built quality of the car and its massive size. Read on to find out how the Fortuner performed when it was tested beyond the capabilities mentioned in the brochure.

Snow drifting!

The new Toyota Fortuner has been doing exceptionally well in the market. It comes with a 4WD drivetrain. The new low-range gearbox makes it more agile. This makes the car the perfect choice to take it to terrains that can prove to be very difficult, if not impossible to reach. But what more?

If you have exceedingly driving experience and skills, you could have a little fun of your own with the Fortuner in the snow. You need to know how to control the slide and the direction in which the weight of the vehicle is shifting. It will come with practice but is achievable with the new Fortuner.

Tractor replacement

The Indian economy thrives on its agricultural produce. Tractors are a significant booster for the production practices in agriculture. Tractors come with massive torque output in lower RPM and a huge contact area which makes it easier for the vehicle to move around in the soft and sticky ground. It’s quite common to spot a Toyota Fortuner used as a tractor, mostly from Punjab.

Here is a video showing how it performs on the field. The Fortuner is seen pulling ploughing equipment. The pulling of this heavy equipment requires the puller vehicle to have a lot of traction and low-end torque which is satisfied by the Fortuner to perfection.

Pulling a truck and a boat!

Again, owing to the towing capacity of the massive Fortuner, it is commonly used as a rescue vehicle. There are a lot of videos online which shows the Toyota Fortuner pulling bigger vehicles than itself. The previous generation is powered by a 3.0-litre engine that churns 169 Bhp power and 343 Nm of peak torque. Toyota also offers the Fortuner with a 4X4 system along with a low ratio transfer case. That would be enough to pull a small truck or a school bus.

Competing with tractors in tug war!

This is the most fun way of churning that extreme power that your Fortuner has. Quite a few people have tried to get in a tug of war with a lot of different vehicles and their Fortuners. Watch the video below, to find out how the Fortuner performed against a Framtrac tractor. This is an extreme challenge for the Fortuner compared to rescuing or towing a vehicle as the tractor is pulling itself in the opposite direction.

Convert it into a Lexus

Toyota’s luxury arm is Lexus. Lexus is known for its evil-looking design on SUVs. Kits to convert your Fortuner into something looking like a Lexus SUV are easily available in the domestic and international markets. Toyota offers an official TRD kit that makes the Fortuner look mean enough, however, your heart will always lie in the hour-glass shaped front grille of the Lexus.

Climbing up and down on stairs

Here is a video of the Fortuner going effortlessly up and down the stairs. Sure, it breaks a tile or two while going up and down but that is because the stairs are not made for this testing. Even the front and rear overhangs of the SUV are quite a distance from any surface contact of the stairs. In both cases of going up and coming down the stairs, the Fortuner goes straight up and down without approaching the stairs at an angle. It shows how good the ground clearance and the break-over angle of the vehicle is.