Toyota Fortuner beautifully modified from type 1 to type 3 [Video]

Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular SUV in its segment. It has been in the market for over a decade and its popularity does not seem diminish. Just like many other Toyota’s, Fortuner is also known for being a reliable vehicle. It is a rugged and capable off-roader as well. We have seen several videos of Toyota Fortuner online where it is handling off-road conditions at ease. Lately, we have started seeing a trend among previous generation Fortuner owner where they modify the type 1 version of the SUV to later models. Here we have one such video where a Type 1 modified Fortuner has been transformed into a mix of Type 2 and Type 3 Fortuner.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of a Type 1 Toyota Fortuner had approached the garage for a  restoration work. There were multiple dents and scratches on the SUV. The paint also had lost its gloss and the SUV was looking old. The owner of this SUV wanted a Type 3 look for the Fortuner but, a complete conversion is not possible from Type 1 to Type 3 as they both have different design. The owner then decided to convert the front end of the SUV like Type 3 and the rear would be like a Type 2.

The work on this SUV started and the panels like bonnet, bumper, front grille, headlamps, front fenders were all removed. The rear bumper and tail lights were also removed. The interior of this SUV also needed customisation so the seats were also removed. The dents and scratches on this SUV was then marked and then the paint was removed from those areas exposing the metal sheet underneath. The dents were corrected using a dent puller machine and once that was done, a thin coat of putty or body filler was applied on the exterior panels to achieve an even finish. The excess putty was sanded away and after that, the car was spray painted with a white colour base coat.

Toyota Fortuner beautifully modified from type 1 to type 3 [Video]

Once that was done, the car taken to the paint booth and the whole car was repainted in Pearl White shade. They used imported premium quality paint for this purpose. The front of the car got new fenders, bonnet, TRD type front grille, Type 3 headlamps and an aftermarket bumper. Necessary changes were made to the front so that the Type 3 Kit can be installed without any problems. The newly installed panels were also painted. Along with that, the old alloy wheels were replaced with new ones. At the rear, the bumper was replaced and the car also got Type 2 aftermarket LED tail lamps.

The interior on this Fortuner was customised as well. It gets White and Black dual tone theme for the cabin. There are White leather upholstery and the same colour upholstery can be seen on the door pads as well. The cabin looks a lot more premium than before. Steering wheels was changed and floor got 7D floor mats. There are ambient lights in the cabin and the roof liner gets lights in them as well.