Toyota Fortuner crashes into Tata Harrier’s rear: Here’s the result [Video]

India sees one of the highest numbers of accidents every year. While most of these accidents are not reported, some become viral. Here is one such accident between the popular Tata Harrier and Toyota Fortuner. The crash was caused by a dog crossing the road and the results are quite interesting.

The accident happened in Gangawati, Karnataka. Both the vehicles Tata Harrier and the Toyota Fortuner were on the highway when suddenly a dog crossed the road. The driver of Tata Harrier applied sudden brakes to save the dog. While the vehicle stopped in time and the driver was able to save the dog, the Toyota Fortuner driver could not stop well within time and crashed into the Tata Harrier.

The Fortuner crashed into the Harrier head-on. Eye witnesses say that both the vehicles were doing high-speed but the exact speed remains unknown. The impact of the crash is quite massive on the Toyota Fortuner as we can see from the pictures. The front-end of the Toyota Fortuner is heavily damaged with the impact reaching the radiator of the vehicle. Even the bonnet of the Toyota Fortuner is completely crumpled while bumper and the bullbar have caved in. It looks like a plastic bullbar.

The Tata Harrier’s picture show damages to the tailgate and the bumper. There are damages to the tail lamps too. Even the spare tyre of the Tata Harrier fell down on the road due to the impact. Those who are not aware, the spare wheel of the Tata Harrier is mounted under the body of the vehicle. High-speed impact would have casued the clamp to break and the wheel to fall down.

Crumple zones at work

Crumple zones are designed by manufacturers and are usually proprietary information. The crumple zones are designed to absorb the energy from an accident. That is why some cars crumple very quickly after a collision while other vehicles may not crumple as much.

The idea is to ensure that the kinetic energy is absorbed by these crumple zones. This keeps the occupants of the car safer. Also, the crumple zones are designed in a way that the pillars of the car do not get damaged. The pillars are very important in a car and show the strength of a vehicle after an accident. If the pillars collapse after an accident, the doors won’t be able to open. The roof will also collapse causing injuries to the occupants.

Tata Harrier is yet to be tested

Toyota Fortuner crashes into Tata Harrier’s rear: Here’s the result [Video]

While many newer products of Tata Motors are tested by G-NCAP, Tata never sent the Harrier to get a safety rating. While Tata has remained tight-lipped about the same. However, according to the experts, a part Multijet engine in the Tata Harrier can intrude into the cabin of the RHD cars and injure the driver. That is why Tata is yet to send the car for a crash safety test.

However, numerous accidents in the past involving the Tata Harrier shows how great the build quality of the SUV is. In most accidents, the occupants walk out of the crash unhurt.

In future, crash safety tests will become mandatory as the government has proposed. All the manufacturers will have to send the new cars for crash tests to get a safety star rating if the proposal becomes a law.