Undefeatable Toyota Fortuner Cruises on Highway Despite Serious Damage

Wrecked Fortuner cruising on highway

Toyota Fortuner Totally Damaged On One Side Seen Cruising Like a Boss [Video]

Toyota Fortuner is currently one of the most popular SUVs sold in its segment. It has been ruling this segment, especially after the Ford Endeavour left the Indian market. If you have watched the older seasons of the Top Gear automotive show, you would know that the anchors had done a series of destruction tests on a Toyota Hilux to see if it would still work after all the abuse. To their surprise, it did, and they gave the Toyota Hilux the indestructible tag. The Toyota Fortuner is also based on the same platform, and here we have a video that shows a Fortuner with completely damaged left side cruising on a highway in India.

The video has been shared by Fortuner Lovers on their Instagram page. In this video, we see a Toyota Fortuner with serious damages on the left-hand side. Usually, when a car gets involved in such serious crashes, the owner often calls for a recovery truck to take the vehicle to the nearest service center.

In this case, though, things are different. Despite being completely wrecked on one side, we see the Toyota Fortuner moving on a highway without any issues. There is not much info available about the crash in the video.

It is possible that the SUV was T-boned by another vehicle on the highway. It is also possible that the SUV lost control and the driver crashed into the safety guards installed on the side of the highway. It is possible that some other vehicle rear-ended the Fortuner and damaged the car.

The left-side window, body panels, rear door, rear windscreen, and rear fenders are missing. The SUV is cruising on the highway as if nothing happened. The person who posted the video with a caption that said, “Despite being completely wrecked on one side, the Toyota Fortuner powers through the highway like a champion, proving its resilience and reliability on the road!”

Undefeatable Toyota Fortuner Cruises on Highway Despite Serious Damage
Wrecked Fortuner cruising on highway

Toyota cars are known around the world for being extremely reliable, and the Fortuner is one among them. It looks like the SUV didn’t have any mechanical damage, and that is probably the reason why the owner was driving it in such a manner.

Safety Advice: Do Not Drive Damaged Vehicles

It is possible that the accident happened at a remote place, and the owner was left with no other option but to drive the car to the nearest dealership.He was actually lucky that the damage is only limited to the body panels.

We would never recommend anyone to drive a car that was involved in an accident. While it may look cool video that shows the reliability and build quality of the vehicle, it is extremely risky too. The only reason behind that is to avoid any damage that would happen to the car due to driving. Also there are chances that the vehicle might break down or even catch fire.

After an accident, you, as a driver, do not know what all parts are damaged in the vehicle and if it is in working condition or not. The best thing to do is to call for a recovery truck, take your car to the service center, and get it inspected and repaired before driving it. This is for your own safety as well as the safety of other road users.

Toyota Fortuner has been an absolute favourite among buyers in India despite the Japanese manufacturer increasing the price several times. The top-end varaint of the Fortuner would easily cost you over Rs 60 lakh in India. One of the major rivals of Fortuner, Ford Endeavour is all set to make a comeback to our market. It is likely to get the Everest name instead of Endeavour.