This guy spent his entire savings to make a Toyota Fortuner ‘Dance’: Video!

Meet 32 year-old Kamal Kashmiri, a man from Delhi who spent his entire savings to make his Toyota Fortuner dance. Yes, you’re reading right. The Toyota Fortuner you’ll see in the video below has been fitted with heavy duty loud speakers and hydraulics that allow it to literally sway to a beat. Here’s the back story.

Kamal Kashmiri started this project to combine two of his interests – entertaining people and cars. Initially, Kamal Kashmiri’s family was opposed to his idea of making the Toyota Fortuner dance as the project took a full Rs. 7 lakhs to execute. They’re now pretty happy though as the ‘dancing’ Toyota Fortuner has become very popular in the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) as a performer during weddings and other celebratory events.

Kamal Kashmiri is said to charge about Rs. 25,000 per event to make the Fortuner dance. The man’s also elated about the recognition this modified SUV is giving him. He says that people now know him by his car and recognize him everywhere he goes. This is one SUV that’s gone truly viral on social media outlets, and CarToq was the first media outlet to feature this car.

This guy spent his entire savings to make a Toyota Fortuner ‘Dance’: Video!

This ‘dancing’ Fortuner is now so famous that Kamal Kashmiri has had to hire a guard just to protect the car from drunken crowds.  Now, this is one car modification that’s paying off big time.

But how exactly does the Fortuner dance?

The SUV has hydraulics attached to the front suspension. The hydraulics are controlled through a pump that’s activated and deactivated by the driver. This pump allows the suspension to compress and decompress, making the SUV’s front end bob around. Combined with the blaring music from the bunch of loud speakers the SUV hosts, it gives onlookers the feel of the vehicle dancing to a beat.

This technology has been around for ages now. It’s a popular feature on ‘hopping’ American vintage cars. Also, low rider cars in America use this to raise ground clearance to clear obstacles. Notably, the Fortuner isn’t the only such car on Indian roads. There are a couple of Mahindra Scorpios doing the ‘Dance’ as well. You can check them out right here.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Fortuner that Kamal Kashmiri has modified is the previous generation model. The SUV was known for its tough build, impeccable reliability and great street presence. It was offered with two diesel engines, both of them turbocharged. The 2.5 liter diesel made about 143 Bhp while the 3 liter diesel put out about 170 Bhp. Both engines got identical torque figures of 343 Nm.

5 speed manual and automatic gearbox options were offered, along with rear wheel drive and four wheel drive layouts. While the Fortuner is an extremely reliable SUV in stock form, such heavy modifications is likely to make the suspension and other parts of the vehicle incur additional stresses. Consequently, reliability is expected to go for a toss. So, that’s one big downside of having a ‘dancing’ SUV.