DC2 customized Toyota Fortuner has cabin feel of a Rolls Royce

In the past, the Dilip Chhabria-owned DC2 Design Studio has come up with some wacky and nicely done modification jobs in almost all kinds of vehicles. The design studio has also shown numerous examples of the tastefully executed transformation of the interior of cars with much more premium levels of features and revisions. Two such interior transformation jobs carried out by DC2 are in a couple of samples of Toyota Fortuner shown here.

Toyota Fortuner DC2

The Toyota Fortuner which has been modified doesn’t show any big changes in its exterior design, save for a few add-on LEDs at the back. However, the real transformation is visible once you open the doors and step into the cabin. Here, the entire cabin of the Toyota Fortuner is partitioned into two parts of front and rear, with all the seven seats of the SUV replaced by a four-seater layout.

DC2 customized Toyota Fortuner has cabin feel of a Rolls Royce

The rear cabin of this Toyota Fortuner has even more pronounced changes and the introduction of new bits. The second and third row of seats has been swapped with just two recliner-type seats, the recline of which is electrically adjustable by a touch-sensitive control pad on the sides of the seats.

The control pad can be used for other functions such as controlling ambient lighting options of cool blue and warm yellow and pop-up footrests below the seats. The door panels come with a red-coloured ambient lighting option.

Other comfort-oriented inclusions in the cabin of the Toyota Fortuner are retractable trays with cup holders in front of the seats, a 32-inch television panel in the middle of the partition panel and a 7-litre chiller compartment with round AC vents above it.

Another DC2 Toyota Fortuner

Here also, not many changes have been made to the exterior of the Fortuner, except for the swapping of Toyota logos with those of DC2. All major changes have been introduced in the cabin of the SUV.

Let’s start with the changes that have been made at the front. The Toyota Fortuner used for this mod-job used to come with black upholstery. It has been replaced by beige upholstery with faux touches of light wood on door panels and the centre console.

The steering wheel and gear lever too come wrapped with the new beige and black colour combination. The AC vents and parts of the centre console feature fine touches of piano black. Lastly, the upholstery of the passenger side of the dashboard has a quilted design.

The rear cabin of this Toyota Fortuner is not entirely inaccessible by the front row occupants as in the previous sample. Behind both the front seats, one gets a powered table, footrests and 10-inch entertainment screens. Between the seats, there is another touch-operated tablet screen and a chiller compartment below it. The recliner seats here are electrically adjustable with powered telescopic calf supports and come with reading lamps. All these functions and features can be controlled and adjusted from a touch button controller.

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