Toyota Fortuner driven over air sofa to test strength is sheer craziness

Internet has now become an integral part of majority of people around the world. Number of people using online services increased in especially after the demonitisation and the ongoing pandemic. YouTube has become a source of entertainment and information for many and many of them have also successfully converted YouTube vlogging into a profession. There are several videos with millions of view available on video. Here we have one such crazy video where a vlogger drives a Toyota Fortuner SUV over an air sofa to test its strength.

The video has been uploaded by MR. INDIAN HACKER on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger starts by saying that he had bought an air sofa and had done several experiments on it. The air sofa felt pretty good in terms of fit an finish and vlogger was happy with it. In some of the old videos with the air sofa, he had received several comments from the viewers where he was asked to drive a car over the sofa to find out whether the air sofa can handle the weight.

Vlogger accepted to do it and he along with his friend started filling the air sofa for this experiment. The car which they chose for this experiment was Toyota Fortuner. This experiment is done inside a closed area. Vlogger had two plans in his mind for this experiment. First one was to drive the Toyota Fortuner over the air sofa and if it survives then he would tie to the rear of the Fortuner and drag it.

Toyota Fortuner driven over air sofa to test strength is sheer craziness

Vlogger asks his friend to get inside the SUV as he and his other friends place the sofa outside. They unfold the sofa and to make it into a bed. In the first round, vlogger’s friend drives the SUV over the extended part. As this is an air sofa there was nothing inside the sofa to break. The front wheels go over the sofa and as the rear wheel was about cross, some sharp metal part from the underbody tore the fabric and half of the air sofa deflated instantly.

Vlogger confirmed that sofa did not deflate because of the weight of the car but, because it came in contact with a sharp edge under the body of the SUV. Once that was done, they place the sofa at a different place inside the plot and ask his friend to drive into the sofa. Vlogger’s friend drives the SUV into the sofa and it deflates instantly. The SUV successfully drove over the sofa and destroyed it.

if the sofa had not come in contact with the rough or sharp surface under the car, then there is a possibility that it might have survived. This video is just a fun video like many others that we find on the internet. There is no conclusion to the video and vlogger mentions that this does not prove anything. The sofa was sturdy and was good at its job but, the sharp edges under the car destroyed it.