Toyota Fortuner driver hits stray cattle at high speed: Walks away unhurt [Video]

Stray cattle are a major problem across India. After the government restrictions, the owners of cattle abandon them on the open highways, which causes major chaos. Here is an accident caused by stray cattle and also shows you the reason for keeping extra vigilant on the highways.

The incident happened in Madhya Pradesh and is reported on the channel of ExploreTheUnseen 2.0. The video starts by showing stray cattle all over the highway in Madhya Pradesh. There were cows everywhere on the road. Within the next few minutes, the Toyota Fortuner was involved in an accident.

Fortuner hits the cow

The owner of the car, who was also driving the SUV could not understand what happened. He was visibly shaken but still was recording the aftermath to understand what exactly happened. Unfortunately, there was no dashboard camera in the car that could have recorded the accident.

The Toyota Fortuner seems to have hit a cow that was crossing the road. The owner says that he saw a cow running from the opposite side of the road and crossing the divider. He was doing good speed and by the time he could react, the car hit something (probably the cow), and all the airbags opened. Even the bonnet of the car opened and the collision caused major damage to the SUV.

Toyota Fortuner driver hits stray cattle at high speed: Walks away unhurt [Video]

We can see how the engine bay is completely damaged and all the airbags inside the vehicle are opened. The driver only sustained an injury on his wrist, which seems to be caused by the opening of the airbag. The cow must have escaped the spot after the collision as there was nothing around near the accident site. Since fully-grown cows are quite heavy, they can cause such mega damages to vehicles.

Locals gathered at the spot and then highway patrol helped him to tow the car to the toll. The owner called Toyota Road Side Assistance and got to know that the towing vehicle will arrive in about an hour’s time.

Cattle accidents are common

Stray cattle are a major problem on many highways in India and there’s nothing much that has been done to remove them from the roads. A few years ago, officials in Uttar Pradesh had put high reflective tapes on the horns of the stray cattle to make them more visible at night. However, no step has been taken to remove these hazards from the road as of now.

It is always safe to drive defensively on the Indian roads and be assured of the road ahead before overtaking. One should always be sure and know about the road ahead when overtaking. Many recorded incidents in the past have shown that blindly overtaking can cause massive accidents, especially on Indian roads that are very unpredictable.

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