Toyota Fortuner Facelift owner details how the new SUV performs after driving for 4,000 Kms

Toyota Fortuner is a very popular SUV in its segment. It has been present in Indian market for over an year and has been a popular choice among customers since launch. Just like any other Toyota product, people relate Fortuner with sturdy build quality, reliable engine and a low cost of maintenance. In India, Fortuner competes with SUVs like Ford Endeavour, Mahindra Alturas G4 and recently launched MG Gloster. Toyota has already launched a facelifted model of Fortuner in international markets and we are supposed to get in early next year. The SUV has undergone some cosmetic changes to give it a fresh look. Here we have a video from a 2021 Fortuner owner explaining how the SUV performs after completing 4,000 kms.

The video has been uploaded by Alexander Wasserman on his youtube channel. The vlogger basically shares his experience with the new SUV. He has completed around 4,000 kms in the SUV and has recently finished a 350 kms off-road trail. He shares his experience with the SUV on different terrains. vlogger owns a 2.8 litre diesel 4×4 Automatic Fortuner. He had come across corrugated dirt roads, thick sand, water crossings and even rocky inclines.

On corrugated road, the vlogger felt that the Fortuner was behaving pretty well. None of the part or panels in the car were vibrating even at higher speeds. The SUV provided him a comfortable ride on the irregular dirt road and was pretty impressed with it. After, dirt road, he drove Fortuner on thick sand and before he starts explaining anything else, he tells that he had changed the stock tyres with all-terrain tyres from BFGoodrich. Fortuner with right tyre pressure and tyre made sand driving look pretty easy. It did not get stuck even once according to the video.

Toyota Fortuner Facelift owner details how the new SUV performs after driving for 4,000 Kms

Just like thick sand, Fortuner navigated through the water crossings very easily. There were certain where the bottom was filled with rocks but, the active traction control and 4×4 system of Fortuner handled the things pretty well. They even came across sections where they had to cross deep ruts. The vlogger was not sure whether Fortuner could handle this stretch or not. He was worried about hitting the bumper on the ground and getting stuck but, just like any other obstacle, Fortuner cleared this section easily. The 4×4 system came to the rescue here as well.

Next stretch was the steep rocky inclines which like any other obstacle, Fortuner crossed very easily. The vlogger had put it in low range and the SUV smoothly crawled up the incline without much drama. Fortuner was covering the off-road trail with 2010 model Land Rover Defender 110 and in comparison to that, Fortuner had a shorter turning radius which came in handy while navigating through boulders.

Overall, the vlogger was pretty impressed with the new Fortuner. He said that Fortuner is a perfect vehicle for your highways and for places with absolutely no roads. The only thing that vlogger would be updating in the SUV are the suspensions. That is because, they were carrying a lot of stuff as part of the 350 kms off-road trail exploration trip and the rear was sagging because of the weight.

Toyota will be launching the facelifted Fortuner in the market next year and the more premium looking version of Fortuner, the Legender is also expected to be launched. It will be available with both petrol and diesel engine options.

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