Toyota Fortuner first-gen neatly modified to look like type 3 [Video]

Toyota Fortuner has very popular 7-seater SUV in its segment. Like many other Toyota products, Fortuner is also a highly reliable vehicle from the manufacturer. Over the years, Toyota has updated the Fortuner and that has made this SUV extremely expensive. If you want to buy a brand new Toyota Fortuner today, you will have to spend over 50 lakh for the top-end variant. Many of the first generation Fortuners are still running fine on our roads. What owners of these Fortuner are doing is restoring or modifying the type 1 Fortuner to either type 2 or type 3. Here we have one such video, where a first generation Fortuner is neatly modified to look like a type 3 model.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about all the modifications that were made to the car. The Toyota Fortuner type 1 seen here was brought to Mumbai from Bangalore. The customer wanted to convert his type1 or first generation Fortuner into a type 3 model. For this conversion, only the front-end of the SUV will be transformed as the rear end design of the type 3 Fortuner was entirely different from the older version.

They start by removing the front grille, headlamps, bumpers and bonnet of the first generation Fortuner. The small dents and scratches on the SUV were marked and corrected. Once these dents were all corrected, the car was taken to a paint booth and completely sprayed in premium quality black colour paint. The whole car was painted to get an even finish. The new bumpers and bonnet were also painted along with the car. Before painting the new panels, they were fixed on the car to ensure that they fit properly.

Toyota Fortuner first-gen neatly modified to look like type 3 [Video]

Once the panels were painted, they were all installed on the car again. The car was polished to get an even finish. The headlamps on this SUV were replaced with an aftermarket type 3 unit. The front grille was also replaced. The owner did not opt for the chrome grille. Coming to the side profile, the owner also replaced the original alloy wheel with an aftermarket dual-tone wheels. As we move to the rear, stock tail lamps have been replaced with aftermarket LED units. Just like the exterior, interior of this SUV has also been neatly updated.

The seat upholstery on the Fortuner had started to age and there was significant amount of wear and tear on it. The seat covers in this SUVs have been replaced with genuine Nappa leather upholstery which is imported from Italy. The vlogger mentions in the video that the material used in the car is expensive but the comfort it offers is something that cannot be compared with anything else. The headliner on this SUV was also replaced with all black to go well with the overall look of the cabin. There are illuminated scuff plates on the doors and the old touchscreen infotainment system on this Fortuner was also replaced with a new aftermarket unit. The steering wheel was also replaced with new steering wheel from a type 3 Fortuner.