Toyota Fortuner loses control, flies & lands on 2 cars [Video]

A massive accident was reported in Chandigarh this weekend when a Toyota Fortuner flung into the air. The incident happened in Sector 37, Chandigarh and it was recorded in the CCTV cameras installed in the neighbourhood. The footage of the incident became viral on the Internet shortly after the accident.

The CCTV footage shows a speeding Toyota Fortuner coming down the street. However, at the T-Point, the Toyota Fortuner does not slow down and keeps on coming straight towards the camera. The SUV hits a solid platform and becomes airborne for a good 20-25 feet. The video footage also shows a few vehicles and two-wheelers passing the vehicle just in time.

The Toyota Fortuner lands on two cars parked in the neighbourhood. According to the reports, no one is injured in the incident except for the driver of the car, who was driving alone. The 25-year old driver was already suffering from health issues, which caused the loss of control.

The police officers who are investigating the matter said that the driver, who has been identified as Rajinder Singh suffered major seizures. This caused him to lose all the control over the vehicle and the SUV kept on going forward. Rajinder was taken for medical examination and the report revealed that there was no alcohol in his blood. The driver is currently in the hospital and is undergoing treatment. The family of the driver is with him. It is not known if the police have registered a case against the driver. The owners of the vehicles have registered a complaint against the driver for damaging their vehicles.

Toyota Fortuner loses control, flies & lands on 2 cars [Video]

Having seizures while driving can be extremely dangerous. Automobiles are heavy machinery and one should get proper tests and health check-up before getting the vehicle on the roads. Losing control over the vehicle can cause massive accidents that can even turn fatal. Luckily, the streets were relatively empty where this accident took place in Chandigarh.

In the past, many accidents have happened due to the heart failure of the driver and similar seizures. Such incidents and medical condition are extremely scary, especially on the busy Indian roads, where an unmanned vehicle can bring havoc. There are clauses in the MV Act under which the people with serious health issues are not allowed to drive on the public roads. However, cops and people do not pay much attention to it and do not care about these laws much. In developed countries, there are health check-ups done on the driver before a driver license is issued to avoid any such issues. However, the Indian system may take years before such a provision starts. Till then, it is important to get proper health check-up before driving on the public roads.