Toyota Fortuner & Ford Endeavour luxury SUVs slug it out in an off-road battle [Video]

Two of India’s best-selling luxury SUVs – the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour – were pitted against each other off the road. Both SUVs were put across multiple, tough obstacles to figure out how they match up. And the results were quite interesting. Even the owners of the two SUVs come in at the end of the video to talk about both vehicles. Here, watch it for yourself.

As the video indicates, there’s no clear winner here. Both the Fortuner and Endeavour are even-stevens when it comes to off-road ability. Both SUVs feature tough, body-on-ladder chassis’, derived from pick up trucks – Hilux in case of the Fortuner and the Ranger in case of the Endeavour. While the Fortuner costs 31.99 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi, the Endeavour is slightly pricier, at Rs. 32.5 lakhs.

While the Endeavour features a terrain response system with multiple modes, the Fortuner uses a more conventional four wheel drive layout that has low and high range options. 6 speed automatic gearboxes were standard on both SUVs used in this test. However, the Fortuner also gets a 6 speed manual option on the 4X4 variant. Key bits that offer better off road ability on both the SUVs include a rear differential lock on the Endeavour and a more sensitive traction control system on the Fortuner.

As for engines, both SUVs uses turbo diesel motors, with the Fortuner featuring the 2.8 liter-4 cylinder GD unit with 174 Bhp and 450 Nm, and is about 15 % more fuel efficient. The Endeavour is the more powerful of the duo, with its 3.2 liter-5 cylinder motor making 197 Bhp and 470 Nm.

On the road, the Endeavour offers better ride comfort, plusher interiors and perkier performance than the Fortuner. Even in terms of equipment, the Endeavour is more loaded, making it better value for money. The Fortuner pulls things back by offering more options to buyers, a better resale value and a lower cost of upkeep – typical Toyota traits.

And it’s for this reason that people in India are buying the Fortuner in droves. No other luxury SUV has gone where the current Fortuner has in terms of sales, with over 2,000 monthly units, consistently. But when it comes to off-road ability, you won’t go wrong with either of these SUVs.

Video courtesy AnshumanBishnoi