Toyota Fortuner & Ford Endeavour show you how to drive out when STUCK in sand [Video]

Fortuner Endeavour Sand Stuck Featured

Off-roading can be extremely fun but only if one knows their way around the challenges. Off-roading in the sand dunes can be even more fun but only if the driver knows how to drive the vehicle and get out of a stuck situation.

Here are three different SUVs stuck royally in the sand and recovered without any external help. All the three SUVs have been kept in that position intentionally to showcase their capabilities. The previous-generation Toyota Fortuner was the first one to try and get out of the situation. The driver of the vehicle goes really slow on the throttle and tries to crawl out of the sand without slipping the tyres. After a couple of minutes, the previous-generation Fortuner comes out of the sand pit. The older generation Fortuner did not offer traction control and all the inputs were done by the driver himself.

The second attempt is taken by the all-new current generation Fortuner. It gets the advanced A-TRAC system, which is a kind of traction control system. With the electronics working, the all-new Fortuner also comes out of the situation very smoothly and without any problem. In fact, it takes very less effort to take out the all-new Fortuner when compared the older-generation Fortuner due to the added electronics. This proves that the electronics do help in recovering the vehicles.

The last but not the least is the Ford Endeavour. The Toyota Fortuner-challenger in the Indian market, Ford Endeavour has impressed many with its capabilities. Even the Ford Endeavour uses the same crawl method to find grip and come out of the situation without much problem.

The video further shows that the vehicles are intentionally driven around in the sandy place to make them stuck. All the three vehicles again go through the same process and come out of it without much problem.

Toyota Fortuner & Ford Endeavour show you how to drive out when STUCK in sand [Video]

What is the secret behind?

Off-roading skills are developed with experience. However, there are a few things that you can always take care off while going off-the-road. Here are a few tips that will help you to recover your vehicle when stuck in the off-road trails.

  • Be calm as being impatient does not help. Calming down and assessing the situation should be the first step in the recovery process.
  • Always reduce air pressure in the tyres. This increases the area of contact with the ground and provides much better traction to the vehicle. The air can be deflated to around 10-12 PSI. All the vehicles seen in the video has lower air pressure.
  • Always be smooth. Accelerating or braking suddenly in off-roading can be dangerous. Most off-roading surfaces are smooth and slippery. It is recommended to always be smooth.
  • Don’t accelerate while stuck. The most common mistake to do when stuck is to accelerate. It just worsens the situation and makes the vehicle get stuck deeper.
  • Always keep a few tools handy. If you are planning to go for off-roading, keep shovels and air pump handy. These two things can be very useful to bring the car out of most of the situations.