Toyota Fortuner gets stuck in mud while off-roading: Rescued by JCB

Toyota Fortuner is one of the popular SUV in its segment. It is a very capable off-roader and the SUV has proven that several times. There are several off-road videos of Toyota Fortuner and other SUVs and pickup trucks available online. In India, we have Mahindra Bolero Camper pickup truck as an affordable 4×4 option. But, it is only available for commercial purposes. Here we have a video where Toyota Fortuner and Mahindra Bolero Camper 4×4 gets stuck in mud while off-roading and were recovered using backhoe loader or better known as JCB.

The video has been shared by Crazy XYZ on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger starts by explaining his plan for the video. He went to pond  which had little water and lots of mud in it. The idea was to see if Toyota Fortuner can actually be driven across the pond without getting stuck. If the Fortuner gets stuck at any point of time, the Mahindra Bolero Camper would help pull it out.

Vlogger sends one of his friend to check the depth of the pond and then asks other friend to drive the SUV through the pond. It must be noted that the Fortuner used in the video is in stock form with modifications for off-road. The driver starts the SUV, engages 4H and drives straight into the pond. In the first attempt, driver did not gain much momentum and got stuck few metres after entering the pond.

Vlogger thought, Fortuner was stuck as the wheels were turning freely. Surprisingly, the SUV pulled itself out from the mud in reverse and went back to the position where it started. This time, the driver accelerated and tried carrying more speed while entering. The attempt was successful and the Fortuner managed to cross the point, where it was stuck first.

Toyota Fortuner gets stuck in mud while off-roading: Rescued by JCB

After it crossed the first mark, the mud got stickier and SUV got beached. Now the SUV was in trouble as it was actually not moving to any direction. They tried pushing the SUV but, it did not move at all. Vloggers then tried pulling the SUV out using the Mahindra Bolero pickup. A rope was tied to the front of the Fortuner to pull it out but, the SUV was royally stuck.

It was not moving at all and the rope broke several times. Vlogger can be heard saying in the video that, he had anticipated such a situation and that is why they brought the Bolero Camper. The Bolero Camper was unable to get traction and pull it out. After several unsuccessful trials, Mahindra Bolero driver tried pulling Fortuner out from the rear but, it did not end well.

In an attempt to rescue the Fortuner, Bolero entered the pond and immediately got stuck. After several unsuccessful trials, they had to bring in a tractor to pull the Bolero Camper out. Meanwhile, Fortuner had not moved even an inch. Even the tractor could not pull the SUV out. Finally, they called a backhoe loader or JCB to pull the SUV out. Vlogger later mentions that the Fortuner would have cleared the section without getting stuck, if they had not stopped in the middle of the pond for clicking thumbnail images. In the end, Toyota Fortuner is seen crossing the same pond without getting stuck.