Toyota Fortuner gets stuck on beach: Rescued by locals

Toyota Fortuner is a very popular SUV in the market. The SUV is a capable off-roader and we have seen several videos of the same on internet as well. In the past we have mentioned that owning an SUV does not mean you can drive the car on any terrain. There is a technique and if you do not follow that the chances of getting your car stuck are pretty high. Here we have another example that proves just that. A Toyota Fortuner gets stuck on a beach. It looks like the owner was planning to take the SUV to beach and drive it on the sand.

The video has been shared by TULUNADU TRAVELER on their YouTube channel. When the video starts, Toyota Fortuner was already stuck in sand. It looks like the driver had tried several methods to get the SUV out own its own. It looks like the Fortuner stuck here in the sand is a 4×4 version. The rear wheels on the SUV where deep in the sand and the front wheels were not able to find any traction.

After several failed attempts, locals gathered and helped to get the SUV out. They tied a rope to the rear of the car and started pulling the SUV. It may sound ridiculous to some but, the technique actually worked. This was probably the only easily available option as no backup vehicles were seen anywhere near the spot.

The locals first pulled the SUV from the rear and with inputs from the driver the SUV came out of the sand pit. The challenge in front of the driver was to drive the SUV to the road in front of him which was hardly few meters. He tried moving the SUV forward and the rear wheels started spinning in the sand again. We are not sure whether the driver had engaged 4×4 when the SUV got stuck in the sand.

Toyota Fortuner gets stuck on beach: Rescued by locals

The SUV was then once again pushed by the locals to get it out from the sand. Once the SUV gained momentum, driver managed to drive it out of the beach successfully. The driver can be seen thanking all the locals who helped him get the SUV out in the video.

Toyota Fortuner is an extremely capable SUV but, as we mentioned above if one does not use to the correct technique they things will get bad. In this case, there were couple of things that might have worked against he driver. First of all the Toyota Fortuner was using Highway Terrain tyres. Tyres play a crucial role in off-roading. It is recommended to use All-Terrain or off-road tyres while going out for such activities.

It looks like the air pressure in tyres was also not lowered. This provides more grip to the tyres in off-road conditions. It is also possible that the driver might have never driven the SUV off-road. It is always recommended to go off-roading with a group so that if one vehicle gets stuck, there are other cars that can rescue the car.

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