Toyota Fortuner gets stuck while dune bashing: Land Rover Defender pulls it out [Video]

Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular SUVs in its segment. It has been ruling the segment for over a decade and even now, the popularity for the SUV does not seem to come down a bit. Toyoto Fortuner is a capable SUV off-road and we have several videos proving the same on internet. Getting stuck while off-roading is part of the adventure activity and recovering such stuck SUVs is also fun if done properly. Here we have a video where a Toyota Fortuner SUV that got stuck while dune bashing is recovered by a Land Rover Defender 110 SUV.

The video has been uploaded by Ajju 0008 on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger who owns a Land Rover Defender and his friend in a Toyota Fortuner go off-roading in sand dunes. They have a support vehicle, which is a local Mahindra jeep. The sand dune where the vlogger is driving to is actually not very popular and many tourists do not know about this spot. The dunes are almost 1-2 km away from their camp and after reaching the spot, both vlogger and his friend reduce the tyre pressure to get more traction on sand.

Both of them start driving the SUVs on the sand  and they were both having fun. The jeep was in the front showing the track through which the SUVs should be driven. Both SUVs find a space where they can drive freely on sand without any issue and once that was done, they go to explore two different areas. While exploring one such area, the Fortuner driver came across a steep drop which he didn’t notice. As he was driving on sand with some speed, he could not do much but drive into the pit.

Toyota Fortuner gets stuck while dune bashing: Land Rover Defender pulls it out [Video]

The front bumper of the Fortuner came in contact with the sand and the wheels got stuck too. The driver attempted to drive the car out but, it was unsuccessful. The people in the backup car and the locals gathered around the Fortuner and started looking for ways to get the SUV out. Vlogger drove the SUV back to the spot where Fortuner got stuck and he decides to pull the Fortuner out. They were carrying tow ropes with them and that is when they realised that the bumper of the car has been damaged. They tie the rope and remove the sand in front of wheels.

Vlogger tries to slowly pull the Fortuner out but, as there is no traction, the Defender was also sinking in the sand. The locals cleared sand from front of Defenders wheels and then they removed sand that was under the Fortuner using a showel. This time, Defender pulled the Fortuner with some power and Fortuner started coming out. After couple of more tries, Fortuner was out of the pit. This video is an example that shows why one should never go out for off-roading sessions alone. It was only because of the Defender that Fortuner driver could manage to come out without any major problems.