Minister’s Toyota Fortuner gets STUCK on the beach [Video]


Driving any car to the beach can be an experience but it can highly dangerous too. Most of the beaches around the world are made up of loose sand that can quickly sink in any vehicle. As seen in the video a Toyota Fortuner belonging to the Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao got stuck on the Bheemili Beach, Andhra Pradesh and the vehicle remained stranded there for hours.

What happened here?

Reportedly, the Human Resources Development minister of Andhra Pradesh visited the beach during the recent Penthai Cyclone to check on the relief efforts for the fishermen. As the driver of the vehicle took it to the beach it got stuck there and even after efforts of the people present at the spot, it could not be recovered at that time. The vehicle was abandoned at the spot and was recovered later.

Even though the Toyota Fortuner is quite a capable SUV, the variant seen in the video is a 4X2 version, which is not made for off-roading. It can be seen in the video that only the rear wheels are moving when the driver is trying to recover the vehicle from the situation. The Toyota Fortuner 4X2 is an RWD vehicle. People present at the spot could be seen trying to get the Fortuner out of the situation by using big planks but all the efforts went in vain. The rain did not help the situation at all as it makes the sand even stickier and holds the wheels of the car.

Minister Fortuner Featured

It is not known how the vehicle was rescued later but it must be some heavy crane lifting the vehicle out of the spot. Getting stuck so close to the waterbody can also be dangerous as the high tide can drown the vehicle pretty quickly.

Driving on the beach?

Driving on most Indian beaches is banned and is illegal. However, there are a few beaches where one can go and enjoy themselves. Muzhappilangad Beach in Kerala is one such beach where the vehicles are allowed. The beach is made up of hard sand, which does not sink in due to any heavyweight vehicles. One can go to such beaches to enjoy a soulful of beach-driving. However, if you must drive on a sandy surface and there is no other option, here are a few tips that can help you in doing that.

  • Always reduce the tyre pressure of the vehicle. It increases the contact area and distributes the weight of the vehicle over a larger surface.
  • A 4X2 vehicle always has a higher chance of getting stuck in a sandy surface than a 4X4 vehicle. Always prefer taking a 4X4 vehicle such places.
  • Have a recovery vehicle nearby. It can be another car that can pull you out of the situation or can call for help if there’s no network.
  • Sand can be slippery, extra traction can be generated by putting floor mats below the tyre or putting small rocks in front of the tyres.