The Toyota Fortuner can truly go ANYWHERE: 6 videos that prove this

Toyota Fortuner has been around for a long time in the Indian market and it is an extremely capable SUV. The Fortuner offers the A-TRAC feature that can take the SUV to the most extreme locations. Well, Toyota Fortuner sure is capable and here are six videos to prove exactly the same to you.

Toyota Fortuner crossing a river

Here is the latest-generation Toyota Fortuner crossing the Sutlej river. The SUV can be spotted crossing the river very comfortably without any problem. The Toyota Fortuner offers a massive ground clearance of 220mm that takes care of the even surface like the river bed. The exhaust manifold of the Fortuner is also positioned at a higher position that ensures that the water does not enter the exhaust pipe easily and cause a shutdown. The 4X4 system with Active Traction control ensures that none of the wheel slips and gets stuck. Also, the low-end punch helps the SUV to glide through easily.

Driving in deep snow

This is another video of the Toyota Fortuner going through several feet of unpaved snow. The video is made in Chanshal Pass, Himachal Pradesh, which is one of the most isolated and challenges mountain passes in India. This Fortuner is using snow chains, which helps in increasing the traction of the vehicle. Apart from that, the Fortuner in 4X4 High mode can glide through such situation without breaking a sweat!

Driving in sand

Dune bashing is quite popular in the UAE and most of the enthusiasts use vehicles like Toyota Land Cruiser to enjoy the bashing. Well, this video also shows a Land Cruiser Prado leading the way for the Toyota Fortuner that goes through sand dunes without any problem. The driver has lowered the tyre pressure to get better traction and that’s the only change in the car. Dune bashing can be easily done in the 4H mode and the Low-ratio should be engaged only during extreme conditions.

Climbing hill

This video shows Toyota Fortuner going through a hill climb and not stopping at anything. Since this is a difficult climb with a lot of rough patches and uneven surfaces, the low-ratio transfer case comes in handy. The SUV can be seen climbing the incline using the low-end punch of the Fortuner. Also, the Fortuner offers Hill Assist Climb that ensures that the SUV does not roll back once the brake is engaged on the climb.

Slush driving

This video shows the Toyota Fortuner going through thick slush. Driving through slush can be extremely challenging as the tyres may slip and the car may not go in the intended direction. However, this video shows that proper control and a capable vehicle can make driving through slush look very easy.

Stair climb


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Here’s a video that shows a Toyota Fortuner easily climbing its way up a steep incline. 2nd Low can be used to climb up such challenging inclines. Also, the Fortuner comes equipped with Hill Assist Control. Switching it on prevents the SUV from rolling backwards. Of course, the grunty engine plays a huge role in helping the Fortuner climb up such steep inclines easily.

Climbing stairs may seem like an easy job for SUVs but there are a lot of technicalities involved. The Fortuner climbing the stairs prove that it offers short overhangs that do not interfere in the climb. The Fortuner goes up and down without its body touching any part of the stairs. It also shows that the SUV offers a good breakover angle!