Toyota Fortuner owner tries jumping kerb: Gets royally stuck [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner is the most popular SUV in its segment, known for its capability both on and off the road. There are numerous videos showcasing the Fortuner’s impressive off-road performance. With proper modifications, the Fortuner can tackle challenging terrains with ease. However, in its stock form, the road-friendly bumper slightly affects the SUV’s approach and departure angles. While getting stuck while off-roading can be part of the adventure, it’s essential to follow traffic rules when driving on the road. Taking shortcuts can often lead to trouble, as one Toyota Fortuner owner learned the hard way. He attempted to jump his SUV over a median strip and ended up getting stuck.

Toyota Fortuner owner tries jumping kerb: Gets royally stuck [Video]
Toyota Fortuner stuck on median

Veeru__555_rj.04 shared a video on Instagram featuring a Toyota Fortuner SUV attempting to cross into the opposite lane by driving over the median strip. The video was recorded in an area that had recently experienced heavy rains and flooding, resulting in a traffic jam. The driver of the Fortuner was either attempting to overtake other vehicles or return home, but instead drove the SUV onto the median strip. Although the front wheels successfully climbed up the median, the SUV became stuck as the strip was not wide enough to accommodate it.

The SUV driver is currently in a precarious situation as they are unable to move the vehicle forward or in reverse. The footboard of the Fortuner is completely resting on the median. Despite the driver’s attempts to reverse the car, the presence of other vehicles on the road impedes their progress. Consequently, the driver exits the SUV to assess the situation and requests that other drivers wait until they can properly reverse the vehicle. This particular SUV is a 4×4 variant, as evidenced by the badge on the tailgate. However, despite its off-road capabilities, it was unable to cross to the other side of the kerb due to a lack of momentum from the rear wheels.

It appears that the SUV is firmly lodged and the only way for the driver to free it is by using a jack to raise the vehicle. Once lifted, the driver can place a rock under the front wheels, which will elevate the SUV’s underbelly that is currently rubbing against the median. After the underbelly is lifted, the driver can carefully maneuver the SUV out of the situation. It’s essential to always follow road rules while driving and avoid taking such risks that cause inconvenience to others on the road. There’s a high probability of damaging some parts of the vehicle while attempting such maneuvers. Although SUVs provide decent ground clearance and instill confidence in drivers to navigate through rough terrains, that does not give them the right to break traffic laws and drive over medians to get ahead of others. We are not sure whether the driver managed to free the vehicle without creating a traffic jam on the road. The driver was indeed taking a short cut to save time and he ended up getting stuck and wasting more time than others.