Toyota Fortuner & Land Rover Defender 110 in a tug of war: Who wins [Video]

Toyota Fortuner is one India’s favorite SUV and is one of the top selling full-size SUV in the country. It has been in the country for over a decade and its popularity has only gone up in the years. It is quite popular among Indians because of its massive street presence, spacious and comfortable interiors, powerful engines and tough build quality. Toyota Fortuner is also one of those SUV that can do off-road duties without breaking a sweat.  Here we have a video by Gagan Jassar that shows a tug of war between Toyota Fortuner and legendary Land Rover Defender 110.

As seen in the video Toyota Fortuner and The Land Rover Defender are engaged in a tug of war on an empty ground. The Toyota Fortuner used here is not the new-gen version but an older model. First the Fortuner starts pulling the mighty Land Rover but all the efforts go in vain. The Fortuner used here is a 4×4 varaint and all the four wheels can be seen spinning looking for traction to pull the Defender. The Fortuner spins and goes right and left many times to pull whereas the Defender can be seen there parked barely moving from its position.

Next, it’s the turn of Defender and it pulls the Toyota Fortuner without even breaking a sweat. The Land Rover Defender is without a doubt winner of this competition. This doesn’t mean that Fortuner is not a good SUV. It is just that it didn’t stand a chance in front of the mighty Defender.

Toyota Fortuner & Land Rover Defender 110 in a tug of war: Who wins [Video]

The Land Rover Defender 110 used in the video is the older version and came with two engine options. a 2.2L, Four Cylinder diesel and a 3.5L V8 petrol engine. However in this video it is not known which variant was used. Talking about the Fortuner, The older generation came with different set of engines.

This Fortuner got only two diesel engine options. The smaller one was a 2.5-litre unit that churned out 142 Bhp of power along with 343 Nm of torque. The bigger diesel engine, on the other hand, was a 3-litre unit that churned out a maximum power of 169 Bhp along with a peak torque of 360 Nm. The SUV had automatic transmission options on both the petrol and diesel models.

Recently Land Rover revealed the all-new Land Rover Defender in the 2019 Frankfurt Motor show. It is reintroduced in the market as a new new SUV but the Land Rover has made sure that the SUV did not lose its iconic boxy SUVish design from the past. Land Rover has introduced Defender in a 5-door and a 3-door avatar. The Defender 110 is the five door version whereas the shorter wheelbase Defender 90 is the 3-door one. Land Rover has also confirmed that the Defenders would go on sale in India by next year.