Toyota Fortuner Legender 4×4 in an off-road test

A month ago, Toyota launched a new top-end variant of the Fortuner. It is called the Legender 4×4 and is priced at Rs. 42.33 lakhs ex-showroom. Here, we have a video of the Fortuner Legender 4×4 doing off-roading. The video is uploaded on YouTube by Small Town Rider.

The vlogger sits in the Legender and shows the black and maroon interior. He also points out that despite costing more than Rs. 50 lakhs on-road, it does not come with a sunroof and there is no hydraulics for the bonnet. Then the vlogger arrives at the location.

Toyota Fortuner Legender 4×4 in an off-road test

The Fortuner crosses a small river without any issues. Then the SUV starts a steep climb and it is able to arrive at the top without any issues. The driver takes the Legender to a sandy climb where the SUV gets stuck because the front tyre was in soft sand. Then he shifts the SUV into 4 Low mode and the Fortuner gets out once he backs it up a bit. He tries the climb once again but is now in 4 High mode. This time the driver carries a bit of momentum due to which the SUV does not get stuck.

Fortuner Legender

Toyota Fortuner Legender 4×4 in an off-road test

The Legender variant is offered only with a diesel engine. It is a 2.8-litre, four-cylinder diesel engine that now produces 204 PS of max power and 500 Nm of peak torque. It is offered with only a 6-speed torque converter automatic gearbox. You can have the Legender as a rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The Legender 4×2 is priced at Rs. 38.60 lakhs ex-showroom whereas the Legender 4×4 is priced at Rs. 42.33 lakhs ex-showroom.

The base price of the Fortuner is Rs. 30.72 lakhs ex-showroom and it competes against other full-size SUVs such as MG Gloster, Volkswagen Tiguan AllSpace, Skoda Kodiaq and MG Gloster. The strongest rival of Fortuner was the Ford Endeavour which now has been discontinued.

Toyota Fortuner Legender 4×4 in an off-road test

The Legender comes with different styling than the regular Fortuner. It instantly looks more aggressive and has more road presence. It is offered only in one dual-tone paint option. It is white base paint with a black roof.

The front has been redesigned and it looks more attractive because of the new headlamps that house the quad-LED setup. The LED Daytime Running Lamps have also been redesigned and are now inspired by waterfalls. There are also front and rear sequential turn indicators. The grille is all-new and is inspired by Lexus. There is a new piano black surround for the grille. The bumpers are also different and there are 18-inch dual-tone alloy wheels.

As mentioned in the video, the Legender gets a black and maroon cabin theme with maroon stitching. So, it looks more premium than the regular Fortuner. There are also piano black inserts and a slightly different instrument cluster. Features added by Toyota are ambient lighting, wireless charging, rear USB ports and electro-chromatic rearview mirror. There are also 11 speakers, one amplifier and one subwoofer sourced from JBL.

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