Old Toyota Fortuner Transformed Into Latest-Generation Legender SUV [Video]

toyota fortuner first gen to third gen transformation

The trend of generation change modifications is catching up in the Indian automotive scene. Various old generations cars, such as the Mahindra Scorpio, Toyota Fortuner, and Hyundai Verna, can be converted into their new generations. Although a tedious task, the car modifiers in India never fail to surprise us. Today, we are going to cover a similar transformation that shows the conversion of type 2 Fortuner to Legender.

The transformation is done by “Autorounders” and showcased by them through a YouTube video. The video shows the before and after shots of the vehicle along with the entire process and the difficulties they had to face.

The video starts with the host explaining how this project is very special for them as they have never converted an old Fortuner to a Legender. Most of the time, the rear profile of the car is left original, but in this project, they have changed that as well. It is important to note that the conversion is done only in the exterior, and nothing has been changed in the cabin.

The video then shows the before shots of the SUV, a type 2 Fortuner. The host mentions that nearly the entire body of the car has to be changed for this conversion. Some panels needed to be replaced, while some could be used by fabricating them. The car is repainted in a different shade of white that is “Sonic Quartz Pearl White”, derived from Lexus.

Old Toyota Fortuner Transformed Into Latest-Generation Legender SUV [Video]

After this, the video shows how the entire process is carried out at their workshop. This is done to build trust and show how perfectly they do their work. The host then talks about the interior customization of the car. While the doors of the car have been changed, the door pads have been kept the original.

A sweet gesture by the Autorounders team is the cake they arranged, as it was the customer’s birthday on the delivery date. The entire team celebrates the occasion with utmost pleasure.

After the celebration, the customer took delivery of the car. His reaction was very sweet, and he was speechless when he saw his car. He thanked the entire team for their commendable job on his vehicle.

The SUV is basically unrecognizable. In first glance, no one can tell that the car was once a type 2 Fortuner. The work done by the team is very neat and close to perfect.
Now, let’s talk about the changes made to the SUV.

The front exterior changes include a new bumper, headlights, grille, bonnet, and side fenders. Overall, the entire front of the car is changed. Regarding the side profile changes, new legender alloys and ORVMs were added, all four doors were changed, and rear fenders were fabricated to accommodate the C-pillar glass. The host mentioned that aligning all the side profile panels was the job’s most challenging part.

The rear profile of the car is also transformed. In earlier generation changes done by Autorounders, the rear was left mostly stock (only with taillight changed). But this time, they have changed the entire rear profile as well. Changes in the rear include a new boot, bumper, taillights and the spoiler.

Coming to the interior, the theme is kept original which is beige and black. The main highlight of the interior is GR sport steering wheel which adds a whole new vibe to the cabin. Other changes include a black roof-liner and Tesla styled infotainment system.

While these kinds of modifications look cool, their longevity and fit & finish are questionable. The host has not mentioned if there was any cutting or welding to the chassis was involved. These changes can impact the overall structure of the vehicle.