Toyota Fortuner Legender vs Mahindra Scorpio-N – Drag Race [Video]

SUVs are the current rage in India and for this reason, we are seeing SUVs being launched in almost each and every segment. However currently, the two most popular SUVs in India are Mahindra’s newest release the Scorpio-N, and the already-hit Toyota Fortuner. Both of these SUVs although similar in size belong to two completely different price brackets and hence they are not usually compared with each other. But recently these two behemoths were lined up against each other in a drag race and the results were exactly what one would expect.

The video of these two SUVs racing was uploaded by Arun Panwar on their YouTube channel. The Vlogger starts the video by introducing the two SUVs and says that both of these are extremely popular and the price difference between them is around Rs 30 lakh. He tells that the Fortuner here is the Legender variant and the Scorpio-N is the Z8 4Xplor variant. Both the SUVs here are equipped with diesel engines and both have 4×4 systems. The only difference here is the transmission, the Fortuner Legender has the automatic transmission meanwhile the Scorpio-N has the manual transmission.

He further adds that the Fortuner Legender puts out around 201 bhp and 500 Nm of torque while the Scorpio-N on the other hand pushes out 175 bhp and 370 Nm of torque. Following this he says that there is a huge difference in power levels of both the SUVs although they will be checking the real life performance of the cars with the race. Following this the vlogger then sits inside the Scorpio-N and adds that the Scorpio-N manual does not get any driving modes. He tells that for the race they will be turning off the air conditioner and use the 4×2 driving configuration in both SUVs.

Toyota Fortuner Legender vs Mahindra Scorpio-N – Drag Race [Video]

Later the countdown for the first race begins and the vlogger on the count of three had a slightly delayed reaction and the Fortuner Legender takes off from the start line and creates a massive gap in a couple of seconds. One of the friends of the vloggers comments that there is no competition of the Legender to which the presenter replies that there is massive Rs 30 lakh price difference as well. Then they start the second round and this around as well the Fortuner gets a faster start and vlogger tells that the Fortuner driver starts a bit early. In the second race as well the Fortuner Legender takes the win quite comfortably.

For the third round the vlogger changes the SUV and hops in the Fortuner Legender. This time around the Scorpio-N gets a better launch but by the time the video recorder flips his position to show the cars the Fortuner already gets ahead of the Scorpio. Then finally the fourth and final round of this drag race shootout takes place and to no ones surprise the Fortuner Legender once again takes the win and creates a humongous gap between itself and the the Scorpio-N.