Artist carves Toyota Fortuner Legender from wood

Earlier this year, Toyota launched the 2021 version of their popular SUV Fortuner in the Indian market. Before India, the facelifted Fortuner was available in international markets. Toyota not just launched Fortuner but also introduced the much more plush or premium looking Legender version of Fortuner in the market. In comparison to the regular Fortuner, it looks a lot more aggressive and premium and offers more features too. Here we have a video that shows how an artist carves out a scale model of Toyota Fortuner Legender SUV from wood.

The video has been uploaded by Woodworking Art on their YouTube channel. The video starts with the artist looking at the images of the all-new Fortuner Legender online. He then picks up a block of wood that matches with the dimensions of the printout artist had taken earlier. The artist then cuts the wood into three slices which would be used for making the side profile, front and rear of the Fortuner Legender.

Once the wood was cut, the design of the side profile is traced on the wood and is cut using a saw. Both sides are cut except for the doors. Doors are finished at a later stage. Once he had created an outline for the side profile, he carves excess wood from the wheel arches and designs the doors too. A piece of wood is placed between the side panels to create the front and rear.

Artist carves Toyota Fortuner Legender from wood

The artist had neatly traced the front and rear design on the SUV on the wood. Initially, he used power tools to get the basic design but, once he had created the outline, most of the work was done by hand only. Meanwhile, he attaches a piece of wood on the top to create the roof of Fortuner Legender. The sands excess wood on the top to create a curve on the sides.

The artist then picks up a piece of wood and shapes bonnet and the boot from it. He had to make some adjustments to get the doors, bonnet, boot in place. The windows are done using a darker colour wood to differentiate. Once, this was done, he started working on details using a chisel. He carved the front bumper, headlamps, grille even the engine using his tools.

Once he was satisfied with the body, he dismantles everything and then starts making wheels from wood. He cuts four circular pieces and creates tyre like tread on it. He even copies the design of the alloy wheels and sticks them with the wheel For the base, he cuts a wooden piece and then makes makes an axle out of wooden pieces. He uses bearing on to keep the tyres in place. It even has a working suspension setup, both at the front and rear.

The artist had paid attention to detail and that is directly reflecting in the final product as well. He even creates three row seats. Once this was done, he starts assembling the car. He attaches the body panel on the base on which he had placed the steering, seats and other elements. The whole SUV is polised and headlights and tail lights are painted to justify the look. It took artist around one month to finish this model and it does look very neat.