Toyota Fortuner with Lexus body kit looks IMPOSING [Video]

Poona Motors of Pune has just modified a white Toyota Fortuner with a Lexus body kit, and a lot of other interesting bits ot make it really stand out on the road. The effect of these modifications makes the Fortuner look quite imposing, adding to the SUV’s street presence. This modified Toyota Fortuner gets an imposing front grille that is exactly like the one that is offered on the LX470 but with a crucial difference. Instead of a chrome finish for the Lexus grille, this modified SUV gets a body coloured finish for the grille. The front bumper gets an insert and the same is the case with the rear bumper. The body kit also consists of side skirts. The headlamps get DRLs while the rear lamps get Matrix style turn indicators. Even the wing mirrors gets Matrix style turn indicators, and that’s something most people opting for this kit will like.

On the inside, the biggest change is on the center console, where the stock infotainment unit has been replaced by a massive Tesla-style tablet. Apart from giving the driver and co-passenger access to the internet, music system and a plethora of apps such as Youtube and Google Maps, this infotainment unit also supports a 360 degree camera, which is quite useful on a vehicle as large as the Fortuner.

Even the air conditioning can be controlled through this touchscreen. All in all, the addition of this large touchscreen elevates the Fortuner’s interiors to the next level. There are no mechanical modifications on this Fortuner. It’s a 2.8 liter-4 cylinder turbo diesel engined model with 174 Bhp-450 Nm outputs. The gearbox is a 6 speed torque converter automatic unit while a four wheel drive transfer case with a low range function is standard.

Toyota Fortuner Lexus Featured

The 2nd generation Toyota Fortuner sold in India is assembled from completely knocked down (CKD) kits that the Japanese automaker imports from Thailand. The SUV is sold in multiple variants, and engine-gearbox combinations. The 2.8 liter diesel engine is also available with a 6 speed manual gearbox, in both rear wheel drive and four wheel drive options. The automatic diesel is also available with a rear wheel drive layout option. Also, the SUV gets a 2.7 liter-4 cylinder petrol engined model, which gets two gearbox options: a 5 speed manual and a 6 speed torque converter automatic. Both gearboxes power the rear wheels of the SUV. Prices of the Toyota Fortuner start from Rs. 27.83 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi, and the vehicle is the best selling 7 seat luxury SUV in India.