Toyota Fortuner pulls off the Lexus look effortlessly [Video]

Toyota Fortuner is one of the most loved luxury SUV in the country. It competes with SUVs like Ford Endeavour which is another popular SUV in the segment. Fortuner has been an absolute favourite among those who love off-roading and adventure. The Fortuner has been in the market for quite some time and it gained popularity because of its reliability and low cost of maintenance. Many owners in India have even modified Fortuners to give it even more premium look. Here we have one such Fortuner that is modified to look like a Lexus.

The video has been  uploaded by Autorounders on their youtube channel. Autorounders is a Maharashtra based custom house which has done several modification and restoration works in the past. The video shows a stock Toyota Fortuner that come to Autorounders for a makeover. The video then shows the modified Fortuner which now gets a Lexus body kit. The front of the SUV is where main modifications have been done. Talking about the front, the stock bumper of the Fortuner has been removed and replaced with an imported Lexus body kit.

The front grille looks a lot more imposing and there are boomerang shaped LED DRLs on the lower part of the bumper. The bumper looks quite muscular and definitely enhances the look. Instead of a Lexus logo, there is Toyota logo in the centre of the grille. The headlamps are remain the same and the chrome finish around the grille also gave it a premium look.

No changes have been made to the side of the car. It is in stock condition and not even the alloy wheels have been updated. It just gets a side skirting which comes as part of the Lexus kit. Coming to the rear, it still gets the stock tail lamps and spoiler. The main change here at the rear is a new rear bumper which is again similar to the one seen in Lexus cars. The bumper looks sharp and muscular in comparison to the stock unit that it had before. The modification on this SUV looks pretty neat and the overall car looks a lot more premium and butch.

Modifying the Toyota Fortuner to look like a Lexus is a somewhat common modification. However, the fit and finish here looks exemplary and is probably one of the best we have ever seen. On CarToq, we have featured numerous Fortuner visual modifications in the past. We think this one ranks right up there at the top, among the best.

Remember that while such mods are possible, the service center may have issues with some changes. Second, in case of an accident, there is the possibility of the insurer objecting to the modifications. Do keep these points in mind before you decide to go ahead with any vehicle modifications.